Year: 2015

Celebrate Your Holiday in Style with Jewellery from Ken Ross Jewellers

Blog | December 15th, 2015

Dressing for the holidays can be complex, especially when there are numerous events to attend to. It is all about looking trendy, but not obsessive; dazzling but not too extreme. So where does one begin? Fine quality jewellery is where you should always start. You can celebrate your holiday in style with jewellery from Ken Ross jewellers. For trendy holiday style in jewellery, here are a few festive ensemble ideas to help inspire you: BIG MEALS For banquets and big […]

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Jewellery Cleaning Services in Victoria

Blog | December 4th, 2015

The finest jewellery cleaning services in Victoria is at Ken Ross Jewellers. With over a half century of creating and maintaining fine jewellery and watches. In addition, great customer care and quality service is apparent with the many awards that have been won. And when it comes to cleaning your jewellery, you definitely want the very best. MAINTAINING YOUR JEWELLERY Most jewellery can be cleaned at home. However, a delicate piece may require specialized cleaning in order to avoid damage. […]

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The Evolution of Bangles from Traditional to Modern Fashion Trend

Blog | November 20th, 2015

Bangles may have been one of the first types of bracelets to be worn by women around the world. Undeniably, bangle bracelets have been a treasured accessory for thousands of years. For centuries, they have been worn as a status symbol and as a fashion statement in various cultures. In ancient Egypt, bangles were generally worn on the upper arm instead of the wrist. Bangle bracelets are also a trademark of some cultures like the gypsies. Often, gypsy women wore […]

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The Symbolism of Eternity Rings: What Makes Them Special?

Blog | November 9th, 2015

Eternity rings are rings of precious metals along with a series of matching gemstones. They come in various widths, colours, qualities and price ranges. We share with you the symbolism behind these rings on top of some other facts about them in the information below so you can better understand the importance men and women place on giving these rings to each other. THE SYMBOLISM OF AN ETERNITY RING An eternity ring symbolises never-ending love and devotion. When you think […]

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Different Types of Wedding Bands

Blog | October 27th, 2015

Selecting a wedding ring that you love and can live with forever can be easy and stress free. First, you want the perfect wedding band that accents your wedding ring perfectly. You also desire a band that is unique to your personal tastes. And like individual preferences, wedding bands come in different styles and types. Ring Sets – These types of wedding rings are a matching set for the bride and groom. The groom’s band is generally wide and thick. The […]

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