Broken Clocks That You Simply Can’t Throw Away? Ken Ross Jewellers Can Help You Repair Them

03 September 2015

With over 60 years in the business, Ken Ross Jewellers has repaired thousands of clocks, both new and antique. Oftentimes customers bring in special inherited clocks that they thought would have to be thrown away. But to their surprise and delight, our timepiece specialists had the expertise to restore their valued possession to almost new condition.
Now when it comes to repairing clocks, there are a few options available. Many people try to fix the clock themselves while some prefer to consult a clock repair specialist.


Now some people try clock repairs themselves. They troubleshoot possible problems and eventually dismantle the clock. After hours of do-it-yourself (DIY) research and hands-on frustration, the clock ends up being in worse condition than when they started. Fixing a clock was a lot more complex than they realized. At this point, many people are in dismay and feel the clock is beyond repair. Unfortunately, the clock is often tossed into the garbage. Regrettably, the clock was more than likely fixable and just required some expertise from a timepiece specialist.

At Ken Ross Jewellers, we have the know-how and expertise that will save you hours of frustration with DYI clock repair. In truth, we know how to produce a high valued timepiece from start to finish.


There are many reasons why a clock can stop working. Even clocks that have been working for years can suddenly stop functioning. Sometimes it’s an easy fix such as a loose fixture, a clock out of beat or a malfunctioning mainspring. But if someone were to try and replace the mainsprings, they will quickly learn that they do not have the right tools or technical aptitude.

Through the decades, Ken Ross Jewellers has worked with many types of clocks and mechanical parts such as mainsprings. Their clock specialist will have all the needed tools and know what type of mainspring is needed, such as loop end and hole end. They will also know the importance of letting the power out of the mainspring in movement. Otherwise, it will fly uncontrollably and damage the rest of the clock. This process requires special tools like clamps and appropriate sized screwdrivers.

Even though the mainspring may seem easy to replace, there are other variables like the barrel, arbor, the nub in the mainspring hole, the barrel cap and arbor gear pivots. These are all parts of a clock you need to be familiar with if you undertake a DIY clock repair.

Other times the clock needs more intricate work that definitely requires special handling. Prime examples of sophisticated clock repair is when it is unsynchronized (no tick tock sound), chimes at the wrong time, the spring driven movement malfunctioning or the clock stops altogether.


Think twice before you throw away that special broken clock. More than likely it is fixable. For information or questions about clock repair, contact our timepiece experts at Ken Ross Jewellers.

Ken Ross Jewellers

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