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24 September 2015

When something is Swiss made, it defines a product made is Switzerland, which is renowned for their attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. Swiss watches are no exception to the rule. In fact, the label Swiss watch is a coined expression that coincides with high quality watches. Many believe that Swiss brands are the elite of all watches.


When searching for a quality watch, the Swiss watch is what comes to most people’s minds. That’s because it is so much more than a typical watch. The Swiss watch is a piece of fine jewellery you can be proud to own. As it happens, many people hand down their Swiss watch to the next generation. Not only are they extremely reliable and precise but they come in various top-of-the-line styles both in appearance and technology.

Since the middle 16th century, Swiss watches have been making history for its success in fine watch making. Today, about 90% of Swiss watches are electronic, the remaining10% are mechanical. And the more elite watches are some of the most complex in the world.

One of the most renowned quality Swiss watches supplier in Australia is Ken Ross Jewellers. The well-known company has been producing and maintaining watches and fine jewellery for over 60 years. In truth, since the launch of their business they have won countless awards.

Ken Ross Jewellers supplies and repairs a large variety of quality Swiss watches. With over 6 decades of experience, they know which watches have unsurpassed craftsmanship. Their watch selections are the best on the market such as Omega, Seiko, Michel Herbelin, Adina, Cover and Lorus.


When it comes to appearance, Swiss watches have a huge range from temperate classic style, through diamond-studded, to low-cost and upbeat. Swiss watches also cater to different lifestyles. For instance, many Seiko watches are sports oriented and are worn by famed people such as NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson and the recognized ballet dancer Misty Copeland. The high quality Cover watch from Switzerland creates striking watches for about every walk of life. Cover has a huge selection for each Trend, Sport and Classic category. You can even search on their site for a certain collection, by gender, dial-color, bracelet material and watch movement.


One of the most renowned Swiss watches is Omega. These exquisite watches are almost indescribable. Established in 1885, these fine masterpieces have greatly advanced in technology and aesthetics. They are so precise in telling time that most last for decades. In fact, the Omega is so accurate that it is used in the Olympics.

At Ken Ross Jewellers, our specialty is Omega watch repair. We repair both vintage Omega watches and the latest model. We also repair other brands such as Tisso and Longines. In addition, we repair and carry a wide variety of fine jewellery.

Ken Ross Jewellers

Established in 1954, Ken Ross Jewellers is renowned for producing and maintaining fine jewelry and watches. And over the decades, many awards have been won. Ken Ross Jewellers specializes in supplying fine jewelry like diamonds and semi-precious stones, plus repairs for rings, wedding bands and watches. For a valuation of a diamond you have, repairs on a wedding ring or new precious diamond jewelry, contact:

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