Watch Repair Expert for Omega, Longines, Tissot and Other Swiss Watches

07 October 2015

Swiss watches are well known for their exceptional craftsmanship, personalized styles and articulate detail in design and technology. It is reasonable to say that they are the number one watch globally when it comes to high quality and innovation. In truth, many feel that the Swiss watch is the crème de la crème of all watches. Some of the leading Swiss watches include Omega, Longines and Tissot.
The same goes for watchmakers; a watch repair expert for Omega is at the top in the field with proficiency and knowhow. For the most part, their expertise is handed down through the generations. In fact, a watchmaker skilled in the repair of a Swiss watch is unsurpassed in knowledge and skill.


Over the span of 150 years of watchmaking, Omega has won numerous awards and recognitions. Some of their high achievements include the Official Timekeeper to the Olympic Games, the Seamaster watch which has been in every 007 movie since GoldenEye, and the Speedmaster which was the first watch on the moon along with many other triumphs. In addition, the Omega Company supports Orbis International, an organization that fights eye disease worldwide including the prevention of eye maladies and treatable blindness.

So when you need your Omega watch repaired, it is imperative that only a watch repair expert for Omega handle your priceless piece of jewelry. After all, the timeless piece is worth more than its weight in gold in both personal value and investment. Only the best in watch repair services knows the intricacies and complex structure of an Omega watch.


Tissot is an opulent Swiss watchmaking company founded in 1853. The watchmaking company crafted the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch and the first solar powered watch. In addition, the company and Omega formed the first Swiss watchmaking association, Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère (SSIH) in 1930.

Longines is an exceptional Swiss watchmaking company with 180 years of continual superb craftsmanship. Their watches are well known as a timekeeper for international championships in innumerable sports and for working with various world sports federations. The company is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd; an international group active in manufacturing, designing and the sales of finished watches, jewelry, watch components and movements.


When it comes to watch repair experts in Victoria and the surrounding area, Ken Ross Jewellers is unsurpassed. With numerous awards and over 50 years’ experience, you know your Swiss watch is in good hands.

Additionally, Ken Ross Jewellers specializes in repairing Omega watches and other Swiss timepieces such as Longines and Tissot. And with years of expertise, you can be rest assured that any watch repair is done with precision, quality workmanship and exceptional standards.

Ken Ross Jewellers

Established in 1954, Ken Ross Jewellers is renowned for producing and maintaining fine jewelry and watches. And over the decades, many awards have been won. Ken Ross Jewellers specializes in supplying fine jewelry like diamonds and semi-precious stones, plus repairs for rings, wedding bands and watches. For a valuation of a diamond you have, repairs on a wedding ring or new precious diamond jewelry, contact:

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