Different Types of Wedding Bands

27 October 2015

Selecting a wedding ring that you love and can live with forever can be easy and stress free. First, you want the perfect wedding band that accents your wedding ring perfectly. You also desire a band that is unique to your personal tastes. And like individual preferences, wedding bands come in different styles and types.
Ring Sets – These types of wedding rings are a matching set for the bride and groom. The groom’s band is generally wide and thick. The bride’s band is typically lustrous and thin. With ring sets, you can save time and money as opposed to buying bands separately. Just make sure to purchase the set together so they are an ideal match.

Diamond Bands – This is the most popular type of wedding band because of its beauty and worth. In truth, the diamond wedding band emanates the eternal symbol of love. These elegant and tasteful bands are available in an extensive range of unique designs. You can choose from simple to complex, a bezel or burnished setting, colored diamonds and more.

Gemstone Rings – As of late, wedding rings with precious and semi-precious gemstones have gained popularity. Some of the more widely held gemstones are rubies, sapphire, emeralds, opals and pearls. Gemstone style bands are often paired with exquisite diamonds, making a unique and special wedding band. And with gemstones, each type has its own special meaning and appeal. Likewise, people sometimes prefer to choose a band with their birthstone.

Precious Metal – The most common precious metals for wedding bands are silver and gold. Silver offers a more casual and sleek look. It also blends nicely with diamonds and various gemstones. Gold offers a variety of colors such as yellow, white and pink. The traditional yellow is pure gold. White gold is blended with silver and rose or pink gold is mixed with copper.

Other precious metals for wedding rings include platinum, copper, titanium, and even ceramic and stainless steel.

Jewelry Style – The wedding band style is very important, especially if the bride and groom choose to have matching sets. In addition, the band should correspond with your lifestyle and everyday living. For example, if you have an exotic lifestyle then the band should be exclusive. If your livelihood is excessive then an elaborate ring is best. And with a modest daily life, the wedding band should be eloquently simple.

Engraved – Engraved wedding bands are a time-honored tradition that will always remain popular. Many people engrave their wedding date, their names or a personal inscription. However, special messages are short because of limited space. But you would be surprised how extraordinary a short message can be. Plus engraved messages are everlasting.

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