Celebrate Your Holiday in Style with Jewellery from Ken Ross Jewellers

15 December 2015

Dressing for the holidays can be complex, especially when there are numerous events to attend to. It is all about looking trendy, but not obsessive; dazzling but not too extreme. So where does one begin? Fine quality jewellery is where you should always start. You can celebrate your holiday in style with jewellery from Ken Ross jewellers.
For trendy holiday style in jewellery, here are a few festive ensemble ideas to help inspire you:


For banquets and big meals you want to be chic and stay comfortable. A gorgeous knit dress or mid length turtleneck sweater that slims the figure is perfect for the occasion. Couple the outfit with a stunning baroque pin inlayed with semi-precious stones and matching earrings.


The holidays can get frenzied. There are last minute weeknight events that come from nowhere. To make things easier, plan your new office-to-party outfits ahead of time. Textured crepe and print dresses are fashionable this year. Your print dress can be donned with shimmering accessories like sterling silver necklaces and matching earrings. Textured crepe outfits pair well with a favorite statement necklace.


There are some events that require formal wear. This is when you definitely should celebrate your holiday in style. Bringing together your formal attire with jewellery from Ken Ross Jewelers will undeniably complete the look you are after.

Mid-Length: Lace dresses with a faux-leather skirt are in vogue this year. Complement the lush fitted bodice with ample gold accessories for an edgy but timeless look.

Flowing Satin: Choose a long flowing satin dress with radiant hues that lend a simple but polished look. Adorn the dress with pearls for the right amount of bling.

Ultimate: For the ultimate ensemble, long elegant dresses are a must. Preferably satin or silk that glides gracefully behind you as you walk. This year’s formal dresses are trimmed with bead-work, embroidery, lace and diamonds. Popular shades include subtle blues and mauves, deep browns, vibrant greens and reds, blacks, greys and whites. For ultimate style, complete the ensemble with a gorgeous piece of jewellery from Ken Ross Jewellers. Some of the most beautiful pieces include diamond brooches, traditional pearl necklace with matching earrings semi-precious stone pendants, delicate studs or stunning layered sets.


The holidays are a fabulous time to surprise your special someone. There is no better way to say “I love you” than with an engagement ring, wedding band or with blings and bangles. At Ken Ross Jewellers, you can select from the display or have something specially designed and crafted.

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