Your Guide to Buying an Antique Grandfather Clock

24 June 2014

Buying a grandfather clock can be tricky and expensive depending on the make, model and creator of the grandfather clock you are considering.
When buying one of these beautiful clocks there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You will want to do your homework before purchasing one for sure. This guide will help you in your quest to find and purchase one of these beautifully crafted pieces of history. There are several important things to keep in mind.

The first thing you need to remember is that Grandfather clocks date back to the 17th century, and they are great antique pieces from the old world. When considering purchasing one of these immaculate pieces of decorative furniture you need to also ponder the quality of which the clock is made from.

Originally these pieces were made from oak, beech or mahogany. If you want traditional you should go with one of these three types of wood. Oak is the heaviest of the three but also the best quality as well.

The pendulum is also one of the most important parts of a grandfather clock. They are often carved with intricate designs and most of the better pieces are handmade. Another important part of the pendulum is the metal in which is used as well. All of the information on original grandfather clocks can be found on the internet or you can contact your nearest grandfather clock stores.

The chimes are a very important addition to the make up of these fascinating pieces. Most grandfather clocks have chimes for the quarter hour, half hour and hourly times, but can also be found with only hourly and half hourly chimes and many have only hourly chimes. It all depends on how elaborate you want the grandfather clock to be. The most common chimes in these clocks are called Westminster chimes.

The face of these clocks is an important part because most are intricately designed and there are many different styles and shapes of the face with the most common being squared. The faces of grandfather clocks are carefully crafted by the makers, and they are a very important feature when creating treasures like these.

When buying a grandfather clock you must take into consideration the price that you will have to pay. It is ok to come up with a budget, and shop around until you find the treasure you are looking for. It will be worth the wait.

While a genuine, old world Grandfather clock is rarely found cheap, there are some that can be found for reasonable prices. You should have an antiques dealer look it over, or have an appraisal done of the piece before purchasing it to confirm its authenticity. This is a good security measure to take in order to protect your investment. After all, when buying the nicer made clocks you will pay a higher price. In the end the more you pay the better the clock is.

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