Your Basic Guide on How to Keep and Care for Your Swiss Watches

25 February 2021

If you own one or more luxurious Swiss watches, there are some important yet easy steps to take for keeping these time pieces in mint condition. Regardless of the watch models that you own, each one needs regular care and upkeep. It is also advisable to take them to a Swiss watch specialist every four to five years to help prolong their stunning appearance and excellent operation. 

Basic Guidance and Advice for the Care and Upkeep of Your Swiss Watches 

As our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers in Melbourne will tell you, there are basic valuable steps to take for quality care and upkeep of your Swiss watches. These important steps and measures include the following:          

1. Prevent Watch Contact with Chemical Agents. One of the first steps to take to prevent damage to your fine Swiss watch models is to avoid letting them come in contact with common household chemicals. These substances can initiate metal corrosion and damage the finish of your watches. You should shield your watches from most solvents, such as cleaning products, artificial air fresheners and even hairspray.   

2. Keep Your Watches Away from Water. Unless your luxurious Swiss watch is water resistant, be sure to protect it from exposure to water. Even if your watch model is water-resistant, it is wise to keep it from getting wet. If your watch comes in contact with salt water from the ocean, wipe it clean with clean water and a soft cloth to avoid surface spotting or dulling.     

3. Safeguard Your Watches from Bumps and Fall. Some watches can take more serious bangs, knocks and falls that others. Yet it is always best to avoid wearing a fine Swiss watch during strenuous workouts and sports events unless it is a sports watch design. Avoid wearing your watch while performing any heavy manual work or wood-crafting activities. Try to prevent your watch from getting dropped or falling from the edges of tables and desks.     

4. Avoid Exposing Your Watch to Extreme Temperatures.
Unless your Swiss watch is designed to withstand extremes in temperature, refrain from wearing it during very hot or cold weather. When spending time out of doors or at outdoor sporting events like skiing, sledding or ice skating, it is best to leave your watch at home. Even this type of prolonged exposure to extreme cold may cause damage to your watch. 

5. Clean Your Watches Regularly. Swiss watches should be cleaned thoroughly and gently on a regular schedule. Simply wipe your watch exterior with a soft cloth to remove dust, dirt and minor stains. If your watch is water-resistant, you can dampen the cloth with water first. Never use any oils or cleaning agents when wiping your watch clean since these substances can change the tone and lustre of the metal surfaces over time.    

6. Wind Mechanical Watches Regularly.
If your Swiss watch collection includes any mechanical models, take time to wind them every week or once every two weeks if you only wear them occasionally. Unless these vintage watches are wound regularly, their mechanical parts and gears may become stiff and not work well. Always follow the guidelines in the manual that came with your watches to ensure the best care for their long-term use with top performance.

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