Wrist Watch Buying Guide: Tips to Remember Before Making Your Purchase

27 February 2019

When the time comes to buy a new watch, it can be a confusing and daunting experience, as there are many styles of wrist watches available today that have various features to choose from. It can take much time and consideration in choosing a watch that best meets your needs. Here is a simple wrist watch buying guide with some suggested tips to remember before making your purchase of a new wrist watch.

Helpful Tips to Remember Before Making Your Purchase of A New Wrist Watch

Here is a simple wrist watch buying guide that will give you some helpful tips when choosing your next watch:

Cost – the first thing you need to take into consideration, to narrow your choices, is to set a budget for your new wrist watch.

Materials – the type of materials used in the construction of a wrist watch is important, as higher quality watches will be crafted using better materials, such as stainless steel, or high grade steel that will not oxidise and rust, as well as genuine leather straps. It is important to avoid mid-range watches made from lesser quality steel that will easily corrode, and that do not have solid metal links.

Try to find wrist watches that have a sapphire crystal face, rather than just mineral glass because it is a more durable material and less likely to scratch.

Watch movement – another important factor to consider is the movement of a wrist watch. While quartz movement is fine, automatic movement is better, although it is typically a feature found in high-end watches.

Watch brands – because there are so many types and styles of wrist watches available, with numerous characteristics and functions, it is best to narrow your search by choosing a well-known watch brand, such as Seiko, Lorus, and Michel Herbelin. Established watch brands are known to produce quality products, so your chances of finding a quality wrist watch, one that has features you are looking for to meet your needs, is greater.

Personal style – for most men, a wrist watch is the only piece of accessory they will wear. It’s appearance and style should match the occasion and the specific aesthetic taste of the wearer. For women, a wrist watch is more of a fashion accessory than it is a time piece, and depending on the occasion, it can have a glittery appeal that should complement a woman’s attire.

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