Wrist Watch Battery Issues and Why They Need Immediate Replacement

27 September 2017

Wrist watches are not only useful for keeping time. In fact, this basic commodity commonly doubles as an accessory and worn even as jewelry. While their batteries tend to last for years, they certainly don’t keep time forever and will eventually need replacing. Most people unknowingly leave the battery on their wrist watch long after it ran out of juice, or are equally unaware of the signs that their watch battery no longer functions at an optimum level.
Both are dangerous habits that can ruin your wrist watch and cost you more than a battery replacement. If you are someone who owns or collects wrist watches, you need to be on the lookout for battery issues and know if they need to be replaced immediately, or not.


1. The second hand skips a few seconds or stops altogether. In quartz wrist watches, the second hand indicates how many seconds have passed. It’s supposed to turn clockwise at a rate of one movement per second. If the second hand begins skipping 2-5 seconds when it moves forward, it is usually because the quartz mechanism is receiving less battery voltage. This is a clear sign that the battery has reached its end-of-life stage.

In cases where wrist watches are rarely used, owners might not notice any changes until the second hand stops moving. If this happens, take your wrist watch to a trusted servicing centre and have its battery replaced as soon as possible.

2. The wrist watch begins to be inaccurate. Wrist watches should be able to give you the time accurately. If your timepiece is unable to catch up to real time or moves too quickly by showing advanced time (anywhere between minutes and hours), you should consider having it checked-out and serviced. This can also be a sign that the battery is running out of power.


When a wrist watch stops working, the battery acid can leak and corrode its internal components. Replacing the battery as soon as possible will prevent this from happening and spare you from additional expenses repairing or possibly replacing a damaged watch, and, having the battery replaced is far cheaper.

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