Why Should You Entrust Your Swiss Watch Repair Only to Authorised Repair Shops?

14 April 2020

Swiss watches are believed to be the pinnacle of the watch industry since they have the highest quality and standards of creating a watch. They have the reputation for being the highest quality, from their components down to how they operate. 

If you own a Swiss watch, you know that it is intended to last for a long time thanks to its solid materials. It is also made to impress through its astonishing assembly and movement. But despite its durable build and form factor, some of its components may still wear down. In this case, it would be best for you to bring it to an authorised repair shop.

An authorised repair shop is the only place you should visit when you need Swiss watch repairs and maintenance due to a few notable reasons.

Authorised Repair Shops Offer Superb Service

Authorised repair shops are filled with professionals who can guarantee great repair service for your Swiss watch. They are trained to fix any damages and faulty components that your Swiss watch may have. These professionals also know the specific components that must be fixed or replaced once they have assessed and evaluated your watch. After all, authorised repair shops only employ people who have exemplary knowledge and skills about watches. 

Authorised Repair Shops Save You Money

The service of quality you can receive from an authorised repair shop may cost you a lot. However, you are still guaranteed to have your Swiss watch assessed and repaired at the highest calibre. Spending money on an authorised repair shop makes sure that your watch will acquire a longer service life and additional services for future maintenance. Moreover, all parts that will be used and installed are authentic, which is a good thing considering the amount of money you have spent for the repair. 

Authorised Repair Shops Value Your Time

Consulting an authorised repair shop for your Swiss watch repair can also give you faster turnaround times. They know how important your Swiss watch is to you, so they always maintain fast repairs and maintenance for them to readily give you back your watch under a short amount of time. And since this type of shop has almost all the components needed for a Swiss watch repair, they do not have to wait for additional components to be shipped before they could start the repair service.

Authorised Repair Shops Can Fix Any Watch

Another great thing about authorised repair shops is that they can readily fix any brands of a Swiss watch. This advantage is great for those who have more than one brand of Swiss watch that require repair and maintenance. Professionals from these repair shops can easily work on your Swiss watches without the need to consult with other shop locations, preventing you from travelling to another place or shop.

With authorised repair shops, you are guaranteed to receive Swiss watch repairs that are worthy of your time and money. You do not even have to worry about the quality of their service since they are composed of professionals who know how to handle high-quality watch repair and maintenance. Fortunately, we at Ken Ross Jewellers can offer you great repair service. Just contact us to know more about our offerings. 

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