Why Diamond Jewellery Is the Top Choice for Women?

16 April 2019

For centuries, diamond jewellery has been the preferred choice with women. Whether they are in search of a necklace, ring, pair of earrings, bracelet or watch, they will gravitate towards the ones that contain diamonds. They love the brilliance of the stones, different facets of the diamonds, the value of these pieces and other qualities. Jewellers understand this fact and market their diamond pieces accordingly. To further explore this attraction that women have to this type of jewellery, read the following details.

Numerous Cuts of Diamonds Are Available

Before a diamond is ready to be set in any piece of jewellery, it must be cut into a specific shape. There are standard shapes that diamond cutters turn to over and over to bring out the best in the stones that they cut. Women enjoy the different shapes as they strongly influence the overall quality and appearance of these stones. The following are the main shapes or cuts of diamonds that are popular today:

• Round
• Princess
• Cushion
• Marquise
• Emerald
• Radiant
• Pear
• Oval
• Asscher

No Other Stone Has the Brilliance of Diamonds

Due to the fact that the light cannot only enter into the heart of the diamond but also move about inside of it before it comes back out of it, the brilliance of a diamond is superior to other gemstones. The amount of brilliance any one diamond has, though, is dependent upon its cut. Women enjoy the special sparkle of these stones since they can show them off wherever they wear their diamond jewellery.

Diamond Jewellery Is Durable Enough to Wear Daily

Another reason why diamond jewellery is popular with women is the fact that it is sufficiently durable to wear each day. They do not need to keep their pieces stored away for special occasions unless they have a physically-taxing job where the jewellery would become damaged as far as the metal parts. The only things that can scratch diamonds are other diamonds.

Women Appreciate That Diamond Jewellery Retains Its Value Throughout the Years

In addition to the other attractive qualities of diamond jewellery, women buy it because it retains its value over the years. While women may not be able to sell it through jewellers or places that buy second-hand diamonds for high prices, they can resell it to other individuals for the price that they paid for it even years later. Of course, they must care for their pieces in the right manner to accomplish this.

For further facts about why diamond jewellery is the top choice for women, consult with Ken Ross Jewellers. We specialise in a variety of fine jewellery and watches, and we will make custom pieces upon request.

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