What’s the Best Set of Jewellery to Wear During Summer?

28 February 2020

The clothes we wear when we go out help us express what we feel as soon as we wake up. We can also complement these clothes with the best jewellery that we are collecting for some time now. Since summer tends to be hotter than any other season, we are free to showcase any of our jewellery without any interruption or disruptions from our clothing.

As free as we are, some jewellery pieces can perfectly match the intense heat of the summer season. When wearing jewellery, you must take into consideration the bright and hot colour hue of this season so that you will still be trendy without any compromises.

Bright-Coloured Gemstones

Some activities that are done during the summer season involve going to the beach, barbecuing, camping, and many more. As the sun shines, all your bright-coloured jewellery will certainly enhance your style. Large pendants and beaded necklaces with vibrant gemstones, enamel jewellery, or turquoise-coloured gemstones will surely make your outfit stand out. Sparkle jewellery, amethysts, or pink topaz can also do the same thing if you prefer them.

Anklets and Toe Rings

Sandals and slippers are the best footwear that you can use whenever the summer season comes. Most of the time, we expose our feet to the crowd so that we can keep ourselves feel cool despite the hot temperature. The exposure of our feet can be utilised by wearing some anklets and toe rings. Anklets and toe rings may contain charms, diamond accents, sterling silver, 14K gold, or cubic zirconia, which can certainly enhance our sense of style.

Yellow Gold Jewellery

As mentioned, the bright yellow colour hue of the summer season can be maximised when we wear our own set of jewellery. One type of jewellery, in particular, that shines the best under direct sunlight is yellow gold jewellery. Necklaces and bracelets with yellow gold jewellery can complement the warmer tones of the summer season.

Nautical Jewellery

Since most summer activities are done next to the ocean, then the most perfect accessory that you can wear is nautical jewellery. This type of jewellery boasts designs that are inspired by the ocean or sailing-like stripped patterns. The colours of these pieces of jewellery are typically close to blue, red, white, and others.

Citrine Jewels

If you are into shining with the sun, then accessories with citrine jewels are the best for you. This type of gemstone will shine the most compared to other gemstones because of its natural glassy yellow appearance. Even without the sun, citrine jewels can still provide you perhaps the classiest style and outfit that you have ever tried in your life.

Drop and Hoop Earrings

Aside from wearing necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and toe rings, you can also wear some earrings to make your face stand out. Drop earrings with gold or Roman glass pendant can enhance the colour and style of your outfit. Hoop earrings can provide also you the same enhancements found on drop earrings. Choose small hoops if you will be attending formal events. For parties, large hoop earrings can already do the trick. The materials that you can choose from hoop earrings are sterling silver, marcasites, or cluster Swarovski crystals.

Knowing what type of jewellery to wear during this summer season can help you modify the way you choose your outfit. Moreover, these types of jewellery can enhance your confidence and self-esteem since they are classy and elegant. If you want to buy some new accessories for you this summer, then contact us now at Ken Ross Jewellers.

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