What Makes Custom-Made Jewellery So Special?

28 April 2023

What makes custom-made jewellery so special? The answer is “absolutely everything.” Custom-made refers to something manufactured specifically for a customer. Although that is a sufficient description in and of itself, I believe it means much more.

Imagine having a piece of jewellery designed for you, made in rich metals, set with lovely stones, and then handed to you by the owner. Also, you know that there is only one item exactly like it in existence, and it is yours. That is a far more accurate way of defining what custom-made jewellery is.

How to Order a Piece of Bespoke Jewellery Designed for You?

Nowadays, it’s common to run into someone wearing the same watch, scarf, or handbag. You could feel less unique or special when that happens. With a custom-made item, you will never experience this. At Ken Ross Jewellers, we go through several steps and frequently multiple consultations while designing a piece of jewellery for a customer. A decent conversation to understand the client’s preferences and needs comes first. We frequently start by asking them what they don’t want and work our way backwards to a small area where we may begin drawing.

With that information in hand, we draw various designs and then a few that are a little “out there” to see whether the customer likes them. We go on to create two or three options based on these early drawings. By this point, we typically have a good idea of which design will work the best.

The Process of Choosing Gems

Choosing the right gem is a very serious challenge. Diamonds are individually unique in and of themselves. Making a decision might be challenging because there are so many exquisite-coloured stones available, in addition to beautiful pearls and diamonds. It’s an issue of luxury to have. The hand-crafting of the piece itself follows the selection of the jewels and the design. It’s a meticulous and arduous procedure, with little room for error, especially when the materials are pricey.

The major components of handcrafting the jewellery include cutting, forging, soldering, setting, and polishing. These skills have been refined over many years of making jewellery for people who value fine things. The moment it is presented to the client is the most enjoyable aspect of the craft of creating a custom-made piece of jewellery. Their expression is priceless. The very definition of “breathtaking” is the deep breath they take when they witness the very special, one-of-a-kind creation that was created for them.

Ken Ross Jewellers has been in the jewellery and watch repair business for over 50 years and has received numerous awards. Simply choose a piece from our selection or ask us to create something specific to your preferences and design style. We customise, manufacture, and supply the finest and most luxurious jewellery for all your needs.

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