Wedding Ring Styles and Trends for 2019

14 February 2019

If you are in the process of planning your wedding day some time in 2019, part of your plan probably is what type of wedding rings or bands suits your preference. As you look at various styles of these bands in the shops or online, you may start to notice what is trending this year. Each year, different styles come to the forefront and others decrease in popularity. Below, we share some of the wedding ring styles and trends for 2019 that we think deserve your consideration.

Basic Wedding Rings

Simple wedding bands have resurfaced in recent years and the same goes for 2019. These rings can be either smooth or textured in nature, but contain only one type of metal, and they do not have any gemstones or diamonds.

Wedding Bands with Mixed Metals

One very stylish trend that will be popular this year is wedding rings with mixed metals. An example of this is the combination of white and rose gold.

Matching Rings for Bride and Groom

In 2019, matching wedding bands for the bride and groom will once again be trending. While some couples prefer to mismatch theirs, others still prefer to wear similar bands with the one for the bride being narrower than the one for the groom.

Diamond Bands

Another attractive style that is ‘in’ for 2019 is narrow wedding rings with small diamonds set into them. Any of these are an attractive enhancement for diamond or gemstone engagement rings for brides. There are wider styles for men without as many diamonds.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Instead of diamond wedding rings, many brides prefer a gemstone one, at least, for her. This may or may not be her birthstone. Also, it might be to complement an engagement ring that contains the same type of gemstone.

Stackable Bands

Thin, stackable wedding bands create a unique look in place of the traditional single band. In fact, these are ideal for those brides who do not wear an engagement ring, but they also can highlight one if she does wear one.

Vintage Wedding Bands

Due to the fact that recycling and reusing old items are popular today, vintage wedding rings also are trending when the bride and groom can locate them in antique or second-hand stores. Some are even passed down in families. In lieu of the real deal, couples opt for vintage-inspired designs in these rings to show their commitment to each other.

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