Top Quality Watch Brands to Add to Your Collection

26 September 2022

Your life is moving faster than ever, so keeping track of time is crucial. Sure, you could do it on your phone, but why not do it in style while wearing one of the finest luxury timepieces available? Luxury watches are destined to be in style forever. A beautifully crafted watch has unparalleled elegance and a long history that no phone can match. With one of these watches, checking the time turns into a pleasurable activity.

A quality mechanical watch does more than just keep time. An investment financially and emotionally, a watch from one of the top luxury watch brands in the world is an important possession. And it’ll probably continue to develop into a valued family heirloom. Here are the top-quality watch brands to add to your collection.


An exceptional luxury watch at an affordable price is something that Seiko watches offer wearers. Seiko is a welcome addition to the horological arena because it produces excellent watches at a price that doesn’t turn off the bulk of customers.

This Tokyo-based firm, founded in 1881, makes watches for both men and women that is best renowned for its dive watches, which include some of the greatest diving watches on the market right now. Seiko is the luxury watch company you should discuss regarding various options, a guarantee of durability, and embracing cutting-edge design.


Omega is the first Swatch Group brand on our list and has more than 170 years of experience providing collectors and horophiles with great premium timepieces. The North Pole, the International Space Station, and the ocean’s depths have all been visited by Omega watches. As a result, Omega has established a reputation as one of the world’s most renowned watch companies.

An Omega watch will satisfy your need for outstanding performance and classic style. Your hunt for a luxury timepiece can end right here, thanks to the brand’s widespread recognition and high standard of quality. In conclusion, it is no accident that the Greek word for the Omega represents greatness and perfection.


Tissot, the Official Timekeeper for the NBA, Tour de France, and European Rugby Champions, places a high priority on accuracy. The average mechanical movement consists of 100 well-crafted pieces.

The brand’s purpose is to open up greatness to all. As a result, these watches are far more affordable than many other top men’s watch brands while providing impeccable mechanics and premium design. A Tissot design combines classic and modern design elements.


Longines is a luxury watch brand that has a long history of success. The watches from the brand are unmatched in accuracy, dependability, and durability and have a cheap price tag. Longines has created a collection in honour of its equestrian roots and is a partner in numerous renowned horse races. These timepieces, which have pearl displays, diamond hour markers, and conventional brown leather straps, have a sporty yet elegant air. Any watch user who values style and is searching for a reliable, premium product should consider a Longines watch.

Because mechanical luxury watches typically retain their value, they make wonderful investments. The value of models from luxury companies can last for a very long time, and in some cases, it can even increase value because of the limited supply. If you want to add a new luxury watch to your collection or are ready to buy your first one, know that Ken Ross Jewellers has your back regarding Swiss watch repairs and jewellery service needs. We have been a recognised one-stop shop for all of your jewellery needs and preferences thanks to our 64 years of knowledge and experience.

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