Top Four Interesting Jewellery Facts that You Should Know About

25 October 2021

Jewellery has been designed, worn and celebrated since the beginning of the earliest civilisations. Used as both ceremonial items of beauty and meaning and as adornments to be worn and admired by men and women, beads, carved wood and natural stone jewellery designs were abundant. Throughout the many historical and cultural eras and developments, beautiful adornments in the form of jewellery designs have prevailed as popular and desirable accessories to be worn and celebrated.

Four Major Facts of Interest About Jewellery that You Should Know

Four outstanding and interesting facts concerning jewellery that you should know include the following:

1. Oldest Jewellery.
The oldest known jewellery was created approximately 100,000 years ago. These organic items of adornment were beads that were carved from seashells that washed up on the shoreline. They are thought to have been used first for ceremonial purposes and then worn later as personal items of decoration.

2. Diamonds. During the Fourth century, the first diamond was discovered in India. As more diamonds were unearthed, they were given high value due to their sparkle and long-lasting durability. In the mid-1800s, a diamond of more than 21 carats was discovered in South Africa, and this locale became one of the largest suppliers of diamonds in the world.

3. Opals. Until the 18th century, opals were highly valued, and they were among the most popular gemstones throughout Europe. However after the publication of Sir Walter Scott’s novel entitled, Anne of Geierstein, the popularity of opals plummeted. This was due to the fact that in the novel, the fire of an opal that was owned by the heroine was extinguished by holy water. In addition, the heroine died. Thereafter, opals have been considered a symbol of bad luck and misfortune.

4. Diamond Bowtie Effect. Many people have heard the term “Bowtie Effect” in relation to diamonds, yet some may not know its meaning. This effect is simply a defect seen in the middle of a diamond where the light does not reflect normally. This is due to the cut of the stone. You can view this defect as a shadow within the diamond. If you lean over a diamond that is imperfectly cut, you will see this shadowy bowtie inside.

It can even darken as a partial reflection of your head above. Some people have bought diamond rings, necklaces or pendants without noticing a stone with the bowtie effect. If this should happen to you, contact a jeweller at the location where you bought this item of jewellery. You may receive a replacement item or a partial refund for your purchase.

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From the earliest carved seashell beads to stone, wood, metal and gemstone designs, the many stories and facets of the development of today’s stunning adornments will amaze and captivate you.

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