Things to Consider Before Buying a Men’s Watch as a Gift

12 December 2022

You can’t just pick a watch at random when looking to buy a watch for a significant man in your life. You can choose the watch that will fit him by carefully considering a few essential qualities because watches are intricate and intensely personal. For this reason, we have developed a list of questions you must answer before choosing the ideal watch as a gift.

Are Water Sports His Thing?

If you answered “yes” to the query, you could begin considering the particular watch you’ll purchase. And as you’ll soon come to understand, the watch you choose will depend just as much on the man for whom you’re purchasing it as it will on the watch itself. For instance, you must consider the many settings in which he will wear it.

A watch with good water resistance would be a wonderful present for people who enjoy water sports and other related activities. If the man in question enjoys diving, a diver’s watch is a good choice. While some watches can withstand far more, these timepieces are made to function at depths of at least 300 metres.

Does He Prefer Classy or Sporty?

Ultimately, a watch is an accessory, so ensure the design is appropriate for him. For instance, the perfect gift for your man will be a straightforward, traditional dress watch if he spends a lot of time in suits. On the other hand, an athletic character will look better wearing a watch with more features and complications, whether it be a sleek racing or pilot’s watch or a more durable field watch.

Does the Size of the Watch Matter?

Here’s something you might not have thought about when purchasing a watch as a gift: its size. Giving a watch too big or small for the recipient’s hand is not a good idea. Guys typically prefer large watches, and there are general guidelines for how the diameter of the watch case should relate to the man’s wrist. You can hardly measure someone’s wrist when giving them a present. You’ll have to wing it, then.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

How much money are you willing to budget specifically for this gift? Choose a budget first because, depending on the watch, this might be quite an investment. There is no “normal” watch price because the worth and price of a timepiece depend on so many different things (and more money does not always equate to greater craftsmanship!). Do your homework. You may avoid going overboard by creating and following a budget.

Is Your Man a Leader or a Follower?

Some men are followers in today’s consumer society; they are interested in brand names and the newest fashion trends. And other men are leaders—concentrated on features, appearance and feel, and generally following their preferences as opposed to what social media advises. Therefore, you need to consider where does your man fit in?

You will surely have an idea of what type of watch you will buy as a gift to your man as soon as you answer the above questions as your guide. Whatever type of watch comes into your mind, know that Ken Ross Jewellers has a range of watches that will surely be a perfect gift.

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