The Precious Green Emerald Gemstone for May

11 May 2017

The green emerald is the gemstone for the month of May. This beautiful gemstone is a member of the beryl family and is found in countries such as Germany, Sweden, South Africa and few places in the United States, among a few other places around the world. This precious gemstone can vary in color (red is the most rare) from greenish blue to yellow to clear – but the green hue of the emerald variety is one of the most striking.


  • Emeralds have been around for almost 3 million years
  • Egypt was the first country to mine emeralds
  • Emeralds can vary in color from light to deep


Although the oldest emeralds are believed to be almost 3 million years old, they weren’t discovered in South America until the 16th century. And they weren’t discovered in North America until 1997. Today, most of the supply is from Columbian mines.


Emeralds are often associated with having healing properties. They are believed to help someone decrease negative emotions and energy. It is also thought to increase communication and forgiveness. When given to a loved one, it is believed to help create a bond between the two people that allows for a deep appreciation and love.


Emerald lovers should be happy to note that it scores a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. This means that it is good for general wearability – you don’t necessarily have to keep it tucked away in a jewelry box and brought out only for special occasions. And while having such jewelry can be satisfying, it is also satisfying to be able to wear your favorite pieces on a regular basis so that they can be admired.

Emeralds are, simply put, stunning. Especially when they are placed in the correct setting. Their brilliance can be spotted quite easily by the naked eye. Many women are opting to choose emeralds instead of diamonds in their engagement rings – a trend that is fashionable and timeless.

If your birthday falls in May you are lucky to be able to claim the beauty of the emerald as your birthstone – it matches your vibrant personality!

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