Swiss-Made COVER Watches: Repair and Servicing

14 August 2017

When in search of accurate, quality watches, you should consider the attributes of the Swiss-Made COVER watches. These timepieces are manufactured with care today to ensure that they tell the right time all throughout the year. Also, COVER ensures that they are durable enough to last for years. If they have an occasion to break down, you must locate a jeweller with the skills and knowledge to repair them in the right manner. Read on to learn additional facts about these watches and where to turn for repair and servicing.


Theo Ingold first opened his family-owned company of Chrono AG back in 1982 in Solothurn, Switzerland. Ten years later the company launched the COVER brand of watches. Today, all COVER watches are still manufactured in Switzerland to earn the special designation of ‘Swiss Made’. The company commits itself to creating the watches to all regulations that govern this designation. As a result, the COVER watch brand has the reputation of quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, reliability, the latest in watch technology and attractiveness of its finished products. Another goal of COVER is to turn out watches that appeal to today’s consumer.

The company is passionate about the precision hand work in its watches. COVER employs watchmakers who have received in-depth training to make them experts in all aspects of their profession. Every watch is assembled, inspected and packaged in a manual fashion. This guarantees that ‘Swiss Made’ stands for high quality. Whether you select a classically sporty model or an elegant model from this brand, you will receive one that includes a clever composition of materials in a unique, tasteful design.

The company’s motto is ‘Excellence through Tradition’ and is still family-owned with the second generation in power. Today, this watch brand is sold in over 40 countries throughout the world, including Australia, which make this Swiss brand an international success.


Here in Australia, Ken Ross Jewellers is the place to purchase COVER watches. We offer a variety of styles from which to make your selection. With our expert guidance, you will locate the style that suits your needs in the ideal manner.


When your COVER watches require repairing and servicing, bring them to Ken Ross. We perform all work on-site for your convenience. With over 50 years of experience in the jewellery business, you can rely on us for quality products and workmanship. In addition, we guarantee satisfaction each time that you do business with us.

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