Seiko Watches: A Japanese Brand That Is Worth Keeping

12 October 2018

Even though the Japanese have been revered for years for various products, there are some of their products that are less than favourable. However, when it comes to Seiko watches, this is one Japanese brand that is worth keeping since it has a long history of quality and high performance. In order to fully understand why we make this statement you must learn about not only the history of the company, but also some of the watch models that the company has created along the way.

A Brief History of Seiko Watches

Seiko had humble beginnings in 1881, as a watch and clock shop opened by Kintaro Hattori, who was only 22 years old at the time. He sold and repaired clocks and watches at this shop that was in Tokyo, Japan. This company went on to create some of the most innovative timepieces, which has earned it a reputation for quality, high-performing products. The following are some examples of these products over the years:

1892 – Seikosha factory was first opened and began producing wall clocks. This is really the start of the Seiko Company as we know it today.

1895 – Seikosha manufactures the Timekeeper, which was the first pocket watch.

1913 – This year saw the introduction of The Laurel, which historically is the first Japanese-made wristwatch.

1924 – The company’s headquarters burned down in 1923, so this year saw the rebirth of the company with an upscale version of the watches being produced. In 1924, the first watch adorning the Seiko brand was manufactured.

1959 – After years of innovations, in 1959, Seiko manufactured the first self-winding watch. It was equipped with a ‘magic lever’ system that was exclusively a Seiko creation.

1969 – The cal. 6139 is introduced as the first automatic chronographic watch in the world complete with a column wheel and a vertical clutch. This year also saw the first quartz watch in the world with the introduction of the Seiko Quartz Astron.

1984 – Let us move forward in the history of this company to another world’s first with the UC-2000. This watch was the first to include computer functions.

2016 – After further years of growth, innovations and world’s first models, the Grand Seiko model of ‘The Black Ceramic’ was introduced to the world. With this model, Grand Seiko, an offshoot of the Seiko Company, enters the sports watch market. Combines years of watchmaking expertise and innovation into one model of watch that is both high performing and casual in style.

Today, Seiko watches are still highly innovative, quality and accurate timepieces. The company has truly perfected its watchmaking skills and expertise beyond all expectations. Turn to Ken Ross Jewellers to learn additional facts about this brand of watches and to see which models are currently on the market for your consideration.

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