Ruby: The Birthstone for July

14 July 2016

Rubies are valuable gemstones that range from pink to deep red in colour and belong to the corundum mineral species. The chromium in the stones provides them with their signature colouring. In addition, the ruby birthstone for July is highly popular for rings, necklaces and other pieces of jewellery today. Expect to pay top prices for quality rubies since their value ranks up there with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.


Ancient cultures held the belief that the ruby signified the life force since it was the same colour as blood and considered it as the ‘king of precious stones’. Later in history, people considered it a symbol for passionate feelings of love or even anger. In addition, biblical references exist for this gemstone in relation to wisdom and beauty. We still place as much value on the meaning of rubies today.


As the birthstone for July, people consider a ruby a symbol of love, and that it brings good luck for all who wear it. Ancient cultures also thought it to protect wearers from harm or evil. Certain people still believe that rubies have the ability to deflect negative energy away from the wearers.


To figure the true value of rubies, experts examine the colour, clarity, cut, and the size and weight of these gemstones. When experts combine all of these factors, the price is set accordingly for each stone. A brief explanation of each factor is in the following info:

  • Colour has a profound influence on the value of the ruby. The finest rubies are vibrant to deep red in colour. While they can have a slight purple tint to them and still retain their value, too much purple or orange will lessen their value. In addition, the lightness or darkness of the stone also negatively affects the value of the stone. Pink rubies still have value but not as high as the deep red ones.
  • Clarity of the ruby is calculated by how many inclusions or blemishes the stone contains in and on it. The fewer inclusions that a ruby has the higher its clarity and value are for the stone.
  • The cut of the ruby should complement the shape of the rough, uncut stone. Rubies can range from a flat hexagonal shape to elongate in their natural surroundings. Popular cuts to highlight the ruby’s best qualities include oval, cushion, round, pear, heart, trillion, octagon, marquise, square and baguette. The facets on these cuts should allow the light to reflect off the stone in the right manner to show off its true brilliance and other fine qualities.
  • Size and weight of rubies vary, but most high-quality rubies are less than one carat. The price of rubies elevates as the carats of the stones increase.

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