Restoring and Remaking Antique Jewellery: What You Need to Know

07 December 2020

Antique jewellery pieces have become part of the modern fashion world as they possess features that cannot be replicated by conventional types of jewellery. While some jewellery makers have attempted to imitate their qualities, they still find it difficult to match their unique characteristics.

Remarkable Features of Antique Jewellery

Pieces of antique jewellery boast unique characteristics that can be difficult to imitate and copy today.

For one, these jewellery pieces have distinctive qualities that are not that common among newer pieces today. Some of these antique jewellery pieces are carefully made with bare hands, engraving all the fine details of the metal bands while attaching the stones intact. Likewise, the designs that are common before are now difficult to perfect, making these jewellery pieces somehow valuable remnants of the past. They tell stories of the past through carrying antique designs.

Antique jewellery pieces are often crafted very carefully. Despite having limited tools, a lot of these pieces are known to be more durable than most of the jewellery pieces created today. The level of workmanship applied to these unique jewellery pieces is unparalleled, trumping and outperforming a lot of jewellery pieces that have been created with modern tools and equipment.

Given the unique features of antique jewellery pieces, most of their owners would preserve them for a very long time as they tend to increase in value every year. Antique jewellery pieces can possess values that are comparable to the most expensive jewellery pieces today. 

Restoring and Remaking Antique Jewellery

And for the current owners of antique jewellery pieces, they would do anything just to preserve their quality and properties. One way to make the preservation possible is through restoration. Restoration is great for people who would want to keep the original state of the jewellery and, at the same time, allow it to be worn on special occasions. One restoration process that can be done to pieces of jewellery is to repolish and remount their accompanying gemstones. The gemstones and other components can likewise be remounted and reset to another jewellery piece, preserving the crucial pieces of antique pieces of jewellery.

Remaking antique jewellery pieces is also possible with those that cannot be worn anymore. The users would have to choose the new style of jewellery that they want to obtain. Most antique jewellery pieces that are being remade are those that have been passed down or inherited from the older generation.

For the remaking process, the metal part of the antique jewellery is usually melted down before remaking it by hand. Adding a new piece of metal is possible once the melted metal is cast. Other components of the original piece can be preserved so they can be integrated into the new piece. Additional gemstones can likewise be added to the existing gemstones to effectively modify the jewellery.

Restoration Services of Ken Ross Jewellers

For restoring and remaking antique jewellery, you can coordinate with us at Ken Ross Jewellers. We manufacture and supply quality jewellery including engagement rings, wedding bands, semi-precious, eternity, chains, bangles, earrings, and diamonds to clients. We can also repair watches and all fine jewellery for you including cleaning rings in-store instantly. We likewise restore jewellery pieces.

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