Reasons Why Your Watch Keeps Telling the Wrong Time and What You Need to Do

04 November 2021

If your favourite watch keeps losing time, you are most likely wondering why this is happening. There are many reasons why a watch starts losing time. Of course, if the watch is old or if the battery is losing power, your watch will lose more time each day. At this point, the watch is of very little use to you since it cannot show time accurately.

More Reasons Why Your Wristwatch May Be Telling the Wrong Time

Additional reasons why your watch continues to display the wrong time may include the following:

• One common cause for a watch to stop telling accurate time is magnetism. Household appliances and other electronic equipment have magnetic fields that can affect the movement and overall operation of your wristwatch. If the watch balance spring becomes magnetised, your watch will start slowing down and losing time. If you have a watch degasser, you can demagnetise your watch.

• Another frequent cause of watches losing time is impact. If you have dropped your watch on a hard floor or other surface, this may be the cause of its time loss. The shock of the impact may have altered the spring’s key, resulting in your watch losing time. Impact to a watch can also make the dial move, producing binding of the digits.

• If you own an automatic watch that you do not wear regularly, it may start losing time or even stop running. Regular motion is essential for accurate operation of an automatic wristwatch. As you move your wrist, this initiates the watch’s winding action. Unless you wear your automatic watch frequently, it cannot have enough power to operate effectively.

What You Should Do If Your Wristwatch Keeps Losing Time

Actions that you can take to resolve the problem if your watch keeps slowing down and showing the wrong time are the following:

Digital Watches

1. Swipe downward on the watch face or press on the power button, then tap the Settings icon (Settings cogwheel).

2. Tap Connectivity, then tap Location.

3. If you are traveling, get your watch to display the accurate time by setting it to sync automatically with the time shown on your smartphone. Do this by swiping downward on the watch face or pressing on the power button. Then tap the Settings icon (Setting cogwheel). Next, tap System, tap Date & Time and tap Automatic Date & Time.

Analog Watches

1. Set your wristwatch to 5:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. This will allow you to easily view the date window.

2. Set the date as yesterday’s date.

3. After the second hand makes one complete circle, pull the crown completely out.

4. Using the time setting, move the time past midnight to change the date. You can now view the correct date.

5. Set the correct time by moving the hour hand once beyond noon for times past 12:00 p.m. This will keep the date from showing as too early at 12:00 noon.

If your watch is a vintage or antique model, it is best to take it to an expert watch repair service for restoring its display to the correct time.

By contacting our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne, you can obtain top-rated advice and information concerning resetting your watch to display the correct time. Our experienced team will ensure that your favourite wristwatch is returned to telling accurate time for your continued use and enjoyment.

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