Reasons to Choose a Reliable Watch Repair Service for Antique Clocks

14 October 2021

When your antique clocks need cleaning, adjusting or repairing, it is important to take them to a reliable watch repair service. Antique timepieces often have special meaning for their owners, and they need specialised care. You want an expert to handle, clean and adjust or repair your valued antique clocks. You want to feel confident that your aged timepieces are getting the best quality revitalising, adjustments and repairs that are currently available in your vicinity.

Why You Need Dependable Watch Cleaning and Repair Services for Antique Clocks

You need to ensure dependable watch cleaning and repair services for your antique clocks for the following reasons:

1. Difficult Repairs and Restoration. Professional watch and clock repairs go far beyond simply fixing and applying oil to the movement. At times, serious repairs are necessary for the case. Other detailed refurbishments may include restructuring the band and repairing or restoring the dial. Often, a combination of these services is required to return an antique timepiece to optimal working condition.

2. Lack of Brand Servicing for Antique Clocks. There is frequently a lack of brand servicing for antique clocks. Brand service centres are sometimes just not staffed with experts who can repair or restore an antique timepiece to its former excellent operations.

These brand repair centres are required to guarantee that they restore each timepiece to standard “brand new” working conditions. Yet many owners of antique clocks just want their older timepieces to continue running reliably with a reasonable degree of accuracy.

3. Need to Source Original Brand Parts. Often, original parts for antique clock repairs and refurbishment must be sourced from outside agents. Your nearest or designated brand service centre may not want to take the time or exert the effort to acquire these antique parts for repairing your older clock.

If your antique clock repair expert cannot locate new original-design parts to repair your timepiece, they may opt for used parts in excellent condition or other newly made parts that are compatible with your clock’s design and operation. Our professionals are skilled at combining the right mix of parts to ensure the smooth, consistent running and full operation of all of the features of your antique clock.

4. Need for Top-Tier Machinery for Antique Clock Adjustments and Repairs. Fine-quality machinery designed for repairing and servicing antique timepieces is essential for refurbishing some older clocks. If your antique clock needs general servicing as well as specific repairs or restoration, you need to locate an antique watch and clock repair expert who has excellent-calibre machinery that is well-suited to repairing and revitalising your treasured antique clock.

When you contact our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, and serving Melbourne and all surrounding regions, you will receive top-rated advice, information and repairs, restoration or general servicing for your antique clocks. Our highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals will ensure that your treasured antique clocks are returned to their former excellent operating condition for your ongoing use and enjoyment.

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