Quality Michel Herbelin Watches Should Only Get Quality Repair Services from Ken Ross Jewellers

14 September 2017

Michel Herbelin is famous for manufacturing high-quality watches of various styles. The company began operations in 1952 as a family owned and operated company and remains such today. Its headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in the city of Charqumont and is on the French-Swiss border. The town has a long and illustrious history with watchmaking. Michel Herbelin, the owner of the original company gained a reputation as ‘The French Expert’ in mechanical watches. The name of Michel Herbelin is synonymous with technical innovation, precision and superior quality.
During the 1070s, Michel’s son, Jean-Claude came into the company with fresh energy and a unique eye for detail. He helped propel the company into a worldwide success. His brother, Pierre-Michel joined the company after Jean-Claude took over the company from his father. Pierre-Michel focused on the technical aspects of the watches to further advance the company’s success in the watch industry.

Today, Michel Herbelin watches are sold in various countries across the world, including here in Australia. The company still has a reputation for excellence, quality design and efficient construction features. It has broadened its offerings to include sports, casual and dress watches for men, women and children. In the next section, we explain a sampling of the features you can find in this brand’s watches.


Michel Herbelin offers quality features in all of its watches and while these will vary depending upon the model, we offer you the following examples:

  • Calibre function is available in analogue and chronograph, just seek out the models that provide your preference
  • Calbre display comes in battery-powered quartz or automatic powered by user, and again, you choose the model that provides the style of display that suits you
  • Water resistance from minimal on up
  • Stainless steel case
  • Case colours vary between models but include silver, rose, gold, black and combinations of colours
  • Bands are available in strap and bracelet form depending on their materials
  • Dial marker choices include batons, roman numerals and Arabic numerals
  • Glass type is sapphire
  • Dial sizes vary but come in sufficient choices to satisfy all watch wearers
  • Many more features


While these watches are extremely durable and long lasting, there are times that they will need repair services. You should trust them only to a highly skilled company such as ours of Ken Ross Jewellers. One, we have extensive experience in precision repairs on watches and two, we perform all repairs on-site here at our jewellery store. Also, if you need a new one of these watches, we are a local distributor for them.

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