Platinum vs. White Gold: What are the Differences?

26 March 2021

There are two major differences between platinum and white gold, their composition and pricing. White gold is composed of a combination of such metals as zinc, copper and nickel. Platinum, however, is nearly pure, with a composition of from 94 to 98 percent platinum. To most people, these two precious metals look close to identical. Yet the price of a platinum ring can be as much as 50 percent greater than the cost of a ring of white gold. This is because it takes more platinum than white gold to produce a ring since platinum has more density.   

 More Interesting Facts Concerning the Differences between Platinum and White Gold

Additional facts of interest in distinctive and important differences between platinum and white gold include the following:

 • Composition. Gold jewellery that is 14 Karat or 18 Karat is composed mainly of gold in combination with a mixture of sturdy metals such as nickel, copper and zinc plus a rhodium plating. This plating is necessary because gold alone is rather soft. While 18 Karat is 75 percent gold, 14 Karat is 58.3 percent gold. 

The 94 to 98 percent pure platinum that is used to produce jewellery is fortified with a small percentage of 2 to 6 percent rhodium and silver. Not only is platinum stronger with greater durability than gold, but platinum is also the densest and the heaviest precious metal. Gold used to create beautiful jewellery is dependent on the rhodium and alloys for both strength and long-term wear.  

 • Colour and Care. To the naked and untrained eye, the colour differences between white gold and platinum are virtually imperceptible. In contrast, both rose gold and yellow gold display definite colour differences when they are compared to either white gold or platinum. Platinum also scratches more frequently and easily than either 14 Karat or 18 Karat gold.

Platinum requires more care since it needs regular cleaning and polishing to retain its smooth, stunning quality. Although white gold must be re-polished and re-plated periodically, it does not need these refurbishments as frequently as platinum.  

 • Overall Rating. Many people wonder if platinum has an overall higher rating than gold. In other words, does platinum outrank gold in terms of quality? The answer is, “No.” Although platinum does cost considerably more than white gold does, the two precious metals look nearly the same. Since 14 K and 18 K white gold jewellery are both strong enough to withstand everyday wear, buying platinum items of jewellery is not at all essential. 

Also, platinum is more prone to scratching and needs more attention and regular maintenance. White gold’s combination of metals that enhance its classic look also strengthen it, making white gold a practical choice. White gold also offers the practical feature of costing less than platinum. Without question, white gold makes an equally elegant and beautiful engagement ring, dress watch or stunning necklace and earrings set as lovely platinum does. 

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