Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel: The 3 Birthstones of August

09 August 2016

While certain months only have one birthstone that people associate with them, August has three birthstones, namely peridot, sardonyx and spinel. Each one offers its own unique characteristics, history and superstitions. We provide a bit of information on these birthstones to help you learn additional facts.


Since ancient times in Egypt, peridots have been mined and revered for the qualities. In fact, this gemstone is nicknamed ‘Gem of the Sun’ in honour of its yellowish-green tones it often has even though, other shades are possible at times. Peridot forms in lava rock in various parts of the world. The belief is that this stone brings wearers luck, offers protection from nightmares and even increases their influence and power.


The second birthstone for August is sardonyx and is a mixture of onyx and sard. Sardonyx has an orange-brown colour with bands of white or other light colours. Unlike rarer gemstones, this one is quite commonplace, which makes it an affordable choice in jewellery. This gemstone stands for protection and strength, and encourages virtuous conduct and mental discipline in the wearer.


Spinel forms in dolomite and limestone and can range from vivid blue to deep red. In fact, this gemstone is often confused with sapphires and rubies. Many prize the deep red over all the rest of the colours, but there are plenty of shades from which to make your selection. Two distinguishing features of this stone help to identify it, namely its single refraction quality and its octahedral crystal structure. It also places lower on the Mohs hardness scale than sapphires and rubies do, but this does not change its appeal. Spinel’s name derives from ‘spina’, which is Greek for ‘thorns’, and this is fitting since in its natural form it contains sharp edges. With this stone, the wearer is believed to gain high energy and mental power by wearing it.

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