Overview on the History of Tissot Swiss Watches: Buy These from Ken Ross Jewellers

15 November 2017

1853, the Tissot watch company was founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot along with his son, Charles-Émile Tissotlicien in Le Locle, Switzerland. In 1930, Tissot joined in a merger with the Omega family watch company, and the first production line Tissot-Omega watches are still valued highly by collectors today. Tissot brand watches are still qualified as “Swiss Made” today due to the fact that they continue to meet the standard requirements of operating by a Swiss movement that claims no less than 50 percent of its added value from the country of Switzerland. The second requirement is that these watches must be assembled and also inspected in Switzerland.


Major dates of importance in the impressive history of Tissot Swiss Watches include the following:

  • 1907. – During 1907, Charles Tissot oversaw the construction of a watch factory in Le Locle, Switzerland, where the Tissot Company still maintains headquarters. This factory can boast the company’s first mechanical production of watches, the first gold and platinum wristwatches for women set with diamonds followed by wristwatch designs for men, and the non-magnetic wristwatch. Later, in 1917, Tissot began manufacturing its own movements for all watch designs.
  • 1953. – The Tissot Company celebrated in 100th birthday, and Edouard-Louis Tissot became managing director. The year 1958 brought the release of a single calibre principle, which made the movements range simpler and facilitated the production of both manual and automatic watches for sale to the international market.
  • 1983. – Tissot merged with SMH, which had a name change to The Swatch Group in 1998. This alliance led to the Tissot creations of the celebrated RockWatch (composed of natural stone), the WoodWatch and the Pearl Watch.
  • 1999. – During this year, Tissot invented the T-Touch as the first tactile watch worldwide. This innovation was follow in 2014 by the T-Touch Expert Solar, powered by solar energy. This unique company, with Francois Thiébaud as its Director since 1996, has continued to make new, ingenious contributions to the valuable watch production industry. With close associations in the world of sports, Tissot has maintained the role of Official Timekeeper while selling upwards of four million watches around the globe each year.

The Tissot Company has always represented high style, innovation and creative genius in the significance of each new discovery and innovation in watch design and functionality. For this reason, along with top quality business alliances and practices as well as strong leadership, this historic watch company continues to thrive in the global watch marketplace.

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