Most Popular Semi Precious Stones and Their Meanings

14 July 2015

A semi-precious stone is also known as a gemstone, jewel or gem. It is often cut or refined and used to create jewelry or other embellished items. There are also organic resources that are considered gemstones which are not minerals. These precise rocks are used for jewelry. Good examples are amber and jet.
Semi-precious stones have been used for centuries as a main centerpiece for jewelry. They also retain a long history of properties and meaning in many parts of the world. In fact, various cultures still associate certain semi-precious stones to a particular symbol or meaning.

Most of our awareness in associating gemstones with a meaning is said to come from our idea that something so beautiful or rare must contain hidden energies or powers. In truth, many cultures believe that semi-precious stones hold answers to everyday questions and problems.

Interestingly, we are attracted to gems because of their beauty and rarity and that same beauty is highly valued. Gemstones are also believed to give beauty to the person wearing such a rare treasure. Some of the most popular gemstones that are believed to increase beauty of the wearer is moonstone, amethyst and rose quartz.

African Jade or Transvaal Garnet: Said to bring good fortune and wealth, encourage relaxation, help with business interactions, increase crises response and reinforce the bonds in long distance relationships.

Amber: The gemstone is known to hold strong medicinal properties that allow the body to heal itself. As well, it is said to create positive energy and help in manifestation. Amber is also said to bring the wearer good luck.

Amethyst: Associated with the color purple, amethyst helps one achieve wisdom. Other properties include intuition, sincerity; reduces addictive patterns and helps with embracing ones spiritual destiny. Amethyst is said to also help in healing addictions, decreasing compulsive behavior, withdrawal symptoms and alcoholism.

Aquamarine: This semi-precious stone is said to be the stone of courage. It eases fear, stabilizes uneasy surroundings, helps mystical and sensitive people, and helps with tolerance, compassion and communication. Since the name and the color represent the sea, ancient civilizations believed that carrying the stone helped them return prosperous and safe from sea voyages.

Emeralds: This gemstone is treasured by many, it is known as the stone of hope. It delivers healing, life and nourishment. It also helps resolve disharmonies in your life. It boosts the immune system, increases physical capacities and aids depression.

Jasper: This gemstone is known as the stone nurturer and the stone of harmony. Many feel that it is sacred. It is believed to help calm the nerves, increase stamina, stimulate the circulation, help with digestion and balance the emotional, intellectual and physical body. Jasper is also known as a supporting stone to therapists and counselors.

Lapis Lazuli: Considered the stone of royalty. Helps magnify the intellect and awareness. Lapis is said to help with psychosomatic illness by diminishing the internal and external symptoms. Lapis is also a protective stone, helps the thinking process and encourages honesty.

Malachite: This gemstone is the traditional midwife stone and known as the stone of transformation. It promotes soothing energy, harmony, increases awareness in the body and improves sleep.

Mother of Pearl: A gemstone known as the stone of good fortune in many cultures. It is said to support the imagination, intuition, sensitivity and clarity. It also promotes an overall calming effect that heals the cells of the body.

Opal: Said to release inhibitions and augment your thoughts. It is said to be a good stone for writers and helps with creativity. It also aids fatigue and encourages positive communication.

Sapphire: A semi-precious stone known as the stone of faithfulness and the stone of prosperity. Said to help intuition, help eliminate unpleasant thoughts, reduce depression and is an ancient remedy to help find solutions to difficult problems. It is also known to manifest ones dreams and desires and to bring wealth.

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