Most Popular Diamond Cuts in 2018 for Engagement Rings

08 June 2018

While it is true that anything goes with diamond cuts for engagement rings, trends do change each year as to which ones are the most popular. It is no different here in 2018. If you are presently in search for this type of ring, you may be interested in what diamond cuts people seem to like the best this year. For this reason, we provide our list of top selling cuts in 2018 according to our experience.

  1. Princess Cut is a true royal cut for diamonds that dazzles in the light. It is multi-faceted in such a way as to bring out the maximum brilliance of the diamond. Since it is square in shape, it complements all styles of dress from elegant to casual. Also, it is an affordable cut for those on a tight budget.
  2. Round Cut in diamonds has been popular for years and is a true classic cut. As one of the oldest cuts of diamonds, many have chosen this cut to profess their love to their special someone. Similar to the princess cut, it brings out the shine and sparkle of these precious stones for inclusion in engagement rings.
  3. Cushion Cut shape for diamonds gets its name from it looking similar to a pillow or cushion. It is not quite a full rectangular shape and has rounded corners along with various facets. Even though it has been popular for over a century, it is still in demand in 2018. The reason for this is that its shape and facets increase the brilliance of the diamond.
  4. Oval Cut is ideal for slender, long fingers unlike other cuts that may get lost on this size of fingers. This cut comes in different width and length combinations. It also is faceted for maximum diamond brilliance.
  5. Pear Cut is a teardrop shape cut for diamonds with one end coming to a point and the other end rounded off. 2018 is ‘the year’ for this cut since so many are choosing to purchase it for engagement rings.


Along with the above diamond cuts being popular in 2018, certain setting configurations also are trending. An example of these settings include placement of an oval cut in an east-to-west position instead of a north-to-south one.

For further facts about the most popular diamond cuts in 2018 for engagement rings, consult with our company, Ken Ross Jewellers. We will design the ideal engagement ring for you and your loved one with whichever cut that you desire, whether it is one of the popular ones or not. Our company manufactures and supplies a wide range of other jewellery as well.

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