Most Common Reasons Why Your Wristwatch Stopped Working

12 May 2021

If you own a fine quality wristwatch, it can be quite disconcerting if it suddenly slows down or stops working altogether. If your timepiece is older, it may need some maintenance or repairs due to its age. The mechanism lubricants inside your watch may be too dry or certain parts may be worn from use. 

However, the reason that your watch is keeping poor time or has stopped functioning may be one of several very common issues. 

Typical Reasons Why Wristwatches Stop Functioning Properly

Your watch may be operating slowly or may have stopped working for one of the following common reasons: 

1. Dead Battery. Often, the reason that a quartz watch malfunctions or stops working is that the battery is dead. Not all watches run on batteries, yet if yours does, the battery generally has a life of no less than two years. However, certain occurrences or factors may affect the lifetime of your watch battery.

The size of the battery and the type of watch that you have can influence battery life. Digital watches with many varied features and functions may need battery replacement more frequently than older style watches with fewer features. 

If you use the chronograph feature often or let it run for long periods, the battery usually loses power quickly. Also, if your watch has been exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods, the battery power may decrease rapidly.

2. Water Damage. If just a small amount of moisture reaches the interior of your watch, it can strongly affect the timepiece’s operation. The small gears can rust and stop working, and they often cannot be repaired. Instead, these parts must be replaced for your watch to function properly once again.

3. Impact Damage. During normal daily activities, your watch may receive knocks and bumps that can loosen or break a part of the watch mechanism. You may also drop your watch on the floor or another hard surface while removing it. If this occurs, you should take your watch to a jeweller for repairs.

4. Electrical Current. Although this is not a common occurrence, some people naturally have rather high levels of electrical current in their bodies. If these people wear watches, the batteries of their timepieces often stop working due to this amount of electricity. 

5. Faulty Manufacturing. If any errors occurred during the manufacturing of your watch, some of its small internal parts may become displaced or detached. If this happens, your watch will stop functioning. Your jeweller can determine whether your timepiece can be repaired locally or if it must be returned to the manufacturer for repairing or replacing parts.

By consulting our specialists at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice concerning any repairs needed for your wristwatch. Our experts repair a wide variety of fine watches, and they will examine your timepiece to determine whether it only needs a new battery or if repairs are needed for the gears and other parts of its mechanism.

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