Minimalistic Jewellery Pieces: Tips and Tricks on How to Layer Them

07 March 2019

Instead of wearing your heavy, chunky or large statement jewellery pieces, look to minimalistic pieces to adorn your outfits today. The latter is what is trending lately since you can combine them in interesting, unique ways to suit your specific outfit and style preferences. Minimalistic pieces of jewellery include delicate necklaces with simple pendants or charms, rings, and post or delicate dangle earrings along with thin, lightweight bracelets. While you may know how to wear your chunky or large jewellery pieces, you may not understand how to layer your minimalistic pieces. For this reason, we share some tips and tricks on how to accomplish this in the following.

Fill in a Negative Space

One point that you need to fully understand about layering your minimalistic jewellery pieces is to use them to fill in a negative space. For example, if you are wearing a V-neck dress or blouse, there is an empty space between the borders of the V-neck. This is a negative space. Fill it with at least one necklace. The same idea goes for your neck under your ears. Wear dangle earrings to fill in the empty neck space. Of course, negative space varies according to the outfit that you are wearing at the time.

Adorn More Than Just Your Ring Finger With Rings

Forget about your large, gaudy rings that are so last year and grab up some simple, understated ones in various sizes to fit all of your fingers and not just your ring fingers. They can be stackable ones if you prefer and can even have small stones in them.

Combine Four or Five Bracelets on Your Wrist

The fun thing about thin, simple bracelets is that you can mix four, five or more of them together on your wrists. Choose different styles of them from simple chain ones to colourful beaded ones.

Choose Different Lengths of Necklaces to Wear Together

Combine different lengths of minimalistic necklaces together to make a unique statement. Whether you choose beaded ones or classic chains and delicate pendants, this look is simple but highly attractive.

Simplistic Earrings Can Enhance Your Face and Outfit Attractively without Stealing All the Attention

A benefit of wearing minimalist earrings is that they enhance your face and outfit without stealing all of the attention. After all, your overall look should be the focal point and not your jewellery.

For additional tips and tricks on how to layer minimalistic jewellery pieces to create a unique look, contact Ken Ross Jewellers. We specialise in fine jewellery and watches.

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