Main Reasons Why Your Antique Grandfather Clock is Worth Fixing

28 September 2020

Antique grandfather clocks usually bring sentimental value to families as they are mostly part of the old ways. They serve as one of the core mementos from the elders and ancestors, passing on a traditional way of time-tracking inside the home premises. The tall stature of these clocks, as well as their classic design and woodwork, makes them great for display and decoration purposes.

After all, despite the presence of modern clocks, several home properties still rock and display antique grandfather clock to the public even if it is not working anymore. Modern clocks are significantly smaller and more straightforward to use than grandfather clocks. However, the grandfather clocks are comprised of notable features and characteristics that make them worth fixing and repairing.

The following are some great reasons why you should have your antique grandfather clock fixed.

Stylish Appearance

Despite having old classic looks, antique grandfather clocks have design aesthetics that are truly great for showcasing them to anyone. Clocks nowadays appear in common shapes and styles that are too generic for home properties. Antique grandfather clocks, on the other hand, can represent different appearance from the past through their delicate woodworks. The metals used on their parts are also intricate yet mesmerising to look at, making the whole clock look classy and still capture the design standards today.

Dependable Power

Aside from stylish appearance, antique grandfather clocks are worth fixing simply because they can run for a very long time. They do not rely on batteries or electrical power, which can subsequently save a lot of money. Instead, the clock hands, chimes, and other additional features of these clocks can already move through the falling weight or a spring mechanism that is found on their body frame. While winding the pendulum clocks must be done regularly, you can expect them to run amidst any power outage.

Accurate Time Keeping

What is great about antique grandfather clocks and other similar clocks is that they can accurately measure time, especially if they are maintained well and wound regularly. The falling weight or the spring mechanism that is found on this specific clock can give off a resonant rhythm, which makes timekeeping precise. So, even if the method of timekeeping among antique grandfather clocks is already hundreds of years old, they can still perform well and keep up with the current standards of timekeeping. 

Superb Serviceability

Some might worry about the serviceability of antique grandfather clocks, especially since numerous components of these clocks might not be around anymore. But in reality, the parts and components of grandfather clocks can still be produced and manufactured. The cost of servicing these clocks is also cheaper than the modern ones as they do not have any electronic parts. Most parts of these clocks are visible and serviceable, making any repair and maintenance easier compared to the modern ones.  If you will be having your antique grandfather clock fixed, then go for a reliable company like Ken Ross Jewellers that can give you great repair and maintenance services. Ken Ross Jewellers is a company that has been in business for over 50 years, producing and maintaining fine jewellery, watches, and clocks.

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