Main Differences between Platinum and Stainless Steel Jewellery

12 December 2017

Modern jewellery is designed and created in metals ranging in price and value, making attractive and decorative pieces available to consumers of all budgets and spending preferences today. Most people expect platinum jewellery to be more costly than jewellery items make of stainless steel. However, today’s prices can vary greatly for these items. In the past, platinum was used mainly in jewellery designs for diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious or semi-precious stones. This could place a stunning necklace and earring set, a diamond embellished watch or a diamond or ruby ring well above the price range of many people. However, in today’s innovative marketplace, jewellery made to include mixture or alloys of platinum and other metallic materials of lesser value may display stones of high or mid-range value and still be obtainable at a reasonable cost to the buyer.


Some of the most important differences between platinum and stainless steel jewellery include the following:

  • Aesthetic Value and Attractiveness. – Although stainless steel manufactured today is often quite attractive and pleasing to view, platinum jewellery still maintains a higher level of aesthetic value and visual appeal along with a higher monetary value. Many people in modern society like the fact that stainless steel is also bio-degradeable and eco-friendly, making it equal to platinum, a natural element in the areas of environmental safety. It is of note that, in the contemporary world of jewellery design, many people are more interested in the overall look and practicality of jewellery than in the commercial value of these items, making jewellery of all compositions popular.
  • Strength and Durability. – Although stainless steel is well known for its practical qualities of strength and durability, platinum that is mixed with other metal of lower value can create alloys that are also quite strong and long-lasting. Even jewellery with platinum content that is worn every day can last for a long time without showing wear-and-tear when the platinum is reinforced by the presence of these other strong and durable components.
  • Jewellery Design Composition. – While come consumers today still prefer the beauty of a jewellery piece or set that contains such precious composition elements as precious or semi-precious stones and platinum, others are pleased with contents of lesser value that look good and can withstand daily and sometimes heavy-duty wear. The best jewellery designers are skilled at creating attractive pieces that will last over the long term, using either costly or economical materials to produce appealing and desirable necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets.
  • Hypo-allergenic Features. – Many people shop for hypo-allergenic jewellery today. Some of these buyers will most likely look for pieces that are either made of platinum without lower-cost alloy components like nickel or copper that many cause skin allergies to develop. Other buyers will choose stainless steel jewellery since it is known to be a safe choice for people who are vulnerable to allergic reaction to certain metals.

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