Jewellery Trends to Watch Out For in the Year 2022

16 December 2021

The leading jewellery trends change each year, and jewellery lovers are always anticipating the next year’s favourites. Yet some trends linger, continuing for multiple seasons of new clothing fashions. For example, nameplate necklaces and initial or monogram-style pendants have maintained their popularity over the last few years, and they still rate high on the list of favourite 2022 jewellery designs.

Jewellery Trends to Look For During the Year 2022

Exciting new jewellery trends to expect and look forward to for the year 2022 include the following:

• Multi-Chain Necklaces. The 2022 necklace styles are bold and dynamic. Multi-chain styles are a leading design for lending some innovative creative spark to your fashions for the year. Your entire wardrobe will be more exciting, drawing attention and interest from friends and co-workers. These versatile necklace styles can be worn with casual, classic and dressier ensembles, adding fashion and flair to all modes of attire.

• Rings with Oversized Stones. Delicate rings of past years are being replaced in 2022 by bolder ring designs with oversized stones. Extra-large crystals and gemstones are definitely in vogue this year, as are “tree of life” style ring designs. These unique rings symbolise new beginnings and positive futures filled with abundance. For this reason, they make ideal gifts for getting the New Year off to a good start.

• Large Pendants. Large, chunky pendants are popular items of jewellery for 2022. These dynamic designs in dazzling gold and silver and decorated with sparkling gemstones, crystals or coloured glass beads can be the focal point of your fashion ensemble. Yet if you prefer a slightly more subtle look, choose a pendant with a muted pewter, grey or black enamel finish to complement and accessorise your favourite new outfit.

• Signs of the Zodiac. Pendants displaying Zodiac signs will be high in popularity during 2022. These pendants will be available in large or small sizes to satisfy different preferences and needs, although larger jewellery styles are definitely the rage for the coming year.

• Signet Rings. Another jewellery trend for 2022 is the rising popularity of signet rings. These rings display raised or engraved symbols or letters that often represent an organisation, group membership or achievement. Customised rings of this type will also be widely bought and worn during the coming year. The letters displayed on these custom-made ring designs are often the personal monogram of the individual wearer.

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