Jewellery Gift Ideas for Fathers

12 July 2018

While Mother’s Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year, dads are special too! They deserve to also be treated with gifts during special occasions, be it their birthdays or Father’s Day. Whether he is your dad, husband, friend, or even your son – you want to make sure that “the man of the house” gets a gift that will make him feel truly appreciated.


Power tools and gadgets may seem like great gift ideas for fathers, but while they are useful and practical, these aren’t used all the time and won’t last forever. The gifts you give to a father must be memorable and long-lasting ones. If you want a dad to feel truly special, you want to give him an equally special gift. That is why it is highly recommended to give the gift of fine and high quality jewellery.


Jewellery are made of fine metals such as gold and silver, and cam be decoratively embedded with precious or semi-precious stones are some of the best gift ideas, for every man. If a father has an existing collection of fine jewellery, or if he has previously expressed his desire to own one – then he will definitely love customised jewellery made just for him.

Fine jewellery, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches have exceptionally high value, not only because of the materials used to make them, but also because of the craftsmanship involved to create each piece.

Here at Ken Ross Jewellers, we have fine jewellery on display for all types of men. Our current selection of rings chains, and bangles were all handcrafted by our skilled jewelers. You can also request to have jewellery customised to a design that your dad, son, or husband might like.

Asking subtle questions can help, try to find out if he prefers a certain metal or stones? When you are ready, we can help you make a gift the man in your life would absolutely love.


Aside from common types of jewellery, one more way to make a father feel special is to give him a luxury watch. Luxury watches are comparable to fine jewellery, only they have a practical use. Depending on their design, a timepiece may even have fine metals, precious stones, and other high quality materials.

At Ken Ross Jewellery, we a fine range of luxury watches from several major brands, including Adina, Cover, Lorus, Seiko, and Michel Herbelin, just to name a few.

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