It’s the Love Month: Choose the Perfect Jewellery for Your Special Someone

22 February 2017

It’s time to select that perfect gift of sparkling jewellery for your significant other or special someone during Love Month. February is the month in which to ignore all caution and hesitancy, go straight to your favorite local jewellery store and choose that special, luminous gift for the one dearest to your heart. Whether you select a beautiful, eye-catching watch, necklace and earrings set, bangle bracelets or a dazzling ring, your special one will most assuredly be surprised and overjoyed when receiving this lovely jewellery item. Never underestimate the power of precious or semi-precious stones. When well-designed in an elegant gold, white-gold or silver setting, any shimmering stones will take on a brilliant glow and ambiance to delight and enchant both wearer and viewer.


Favorite items among the many elegant, stunning choices for a jewellery gift for your most special someone include the following designs:

  • Luminous Watches. – Shining and glowing watches for male and female loved ones make a marvelous gift for this occasion. With bright diamond clusters encircling the face of an elegant woman’s Tissot or Longine watch, this item is a showpiece as well as an excellent timekeeper. Its white-gold braided wristband with chic, raised diamond clusters surrounding the old-fashioned, traditional watch face with its Roman Numerals and ornate black steel hands make it a winning number as a premium gift for any special occasion. This fine jewelled watch comes in ‘His’ and ‘Her’ sizes and will be worn proudly by anyone who has the good fortune of receiving it.
  • Pink Diamond Earrings. – A pair of dazzling pink diamond long bangle earrings take center stage in the earrings arena. Their shimmering reflections of the overhead showroom lights create prisms of pure pleasure and allure for admirers, one and all. Whenever that special young lady in your life adorns herself with this amazing designer item, she will shine as brightly as the jewells themselves, absorbing and radiating that unmistakable aura of true joy and exhilaration.
  • Ruby and Diamond Cluster Necklace. – This playful and brightly shining heart-shaped necklace of brilliant rubies and diamond clusters will enlighten even the darkest wintry nights like a warm, welcoming fire’s radiant flames. Your special young lady will bask in its effervescent ambiance, feeling as bright and glorious as these shimmering precious stones. This gift comes paired with a handsome single ruby with diamond cluster tie clip and cufflinks made just for that special guy.

No matter what your preference or desire for a Love Month gift to please that very special one in your life, you simply cannot go wrong with such elegant, glittering gifts as these. Contact Ken Ross Jewellers in Melbourne today for excellent advice before making your fine jewellery selection.

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