Important Tips on How to Make Your Grandfather Clocks Last Longer

03 December 2021

Grandfather clocks are ageless, elegant timepieces that add beauty and quality to any type of room decor. In many living rooms, dens and home offices, a grandfather clock takes centre stage as an outstanding element of the room decor.

If you have one or more stately and grand clocks of this style in your home, you want to maintain each clock well. This will keep it ticking and chiming right on schedule throughout the day and night for many years to come.

Valuable Tips for Making Your Grandfather Clocks Last Longer

Important advice and tips for increasing the longevity of your grandfather clocks include the following:

• Controlled Room Temperatures. Grandfather clocks should not be exposed to extreme temperatures. The pendulum rods of these clocks can expand and contract according to the surrounding temperature. During frigid snowy and icy days or in sweltering hot weather, any room in your home that contains a grandfather clock must be temperature controlled.

If you display your handsome and well-functioning grandfather clock in a room with moderate year-round temperatures, it should last for many years of future use and enjoyment.

• Regular Maintenance. Your grandfather clock should receive service and maintenance every few years to stay in excellent operating and time-keeping condition. If you neglect your clock and do not have it serviced on a regular schedule, it may start to malfunction and keep inaccurate time. Your stately clock may even stop running completely.

If you have your clock serviced by a professional at this point, the result may be a large maintenance bill. Be sure to select an experienced professional clockmaker to service your grandfather clock for best results.

• Careful Cleaning. By only cleaning the exterior case of your grandfather clock gently, you can avoid causing any damage to the beautiful wood surfaces. For best results, just dust and polish the surfaces lightly. Let a professional clockmaker and servicer clean the clock hands and dial. If cleaned too vigorously, the hands of your clock can bend, which will cause the clock to malfunction.

• Gentle Oiling. The general rule for oiling your grandfather clock is to use not too little and not too much oil. Use small amounts at a time since it is important to prevent oil from dripping onto the clock plate. To maintain accurate movement of the clock’s components, just a small amount of oiling on a regular schedule is advisable. Take care to wipe away any excess oil to prevent dripping and damage.

By consulting our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, you can receive excellent information and advice concerning the care and maintenance of your grandfather clocks. Our experienced professionals will guide you in using the ideal techniques for cleaning and maintaining your beautiful classic timepieces. Our team will provide you with the perfect tips for extending the life of each stunning clock for many years to come.

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