How to Take Good Care of Your Swiss Watch Collection

07 May 2018

Without a doubt, the Swiss watch is the diamond of the timepiece industry. The premier brand is known for their unequaled quality and the impeccable accuracy of their timepieces. These precise and attractive, mechanical watches are considered more than just timepieces, but as precious jewelry that do require proper care.
So if you have one or more of these fine timepieces, and you want to know you can keep them in good condition, here are some helpful tips on how anyone can easily take good care of their Swiss watch collection.


Whenever you purchase a Swiss Watch, never throw out the original box. The reason why is that it is designed to perfectly fit your watch, and when not using it, you can easily and safely use it for storage. Also, by storing your watch in its box, it is protected from dust and moisture, as well as any mechanical damage from accidental falls.

Swiss watches that are used often should be cleaned regularly using a dry, soft cloth. Never allow dirt to build up because it might cause problems later on.


Do not expose your Swiss watch collection to extreme conditions, such as steam, heat, and intense magnetic fields, these should be avoided at all costs because these can ruin the mechanism and accuracy of a watch. Although Swiss watches are water resistant, unnecessary exposure to the elements such as water is discouraged. Never wear your Swiss watch when bathing or swimming, unless it is specially designed as waterproof.


It is advised to have your Swiss watch checked at a local repair shop at least once every two years, especially if it is worn a lot, the internal parts should be cleaned, and the battery should checked and replaced if needed. If you own a sports watch variety, have the seals and crowns checked for signs of deterioration, as they can affect the watch’s resistance to water.

If you ever discover condensation beneath the glass, the watch has been compromised by water exposure. Take it to an authorized watch repair service immediately, without removing it from your wrist – your body temperature will help keep the moisture under the glass and will help prevent any damage.


Perfumes, lotions, and other liquids containing chemicals should be kept away from your Swiss watch collection, as exposure to them can damage leather watchbands. Any time your Swiss watch becomes inaccurate, have it checked by a watch repair service as soon as possible. It is usually a sign of either a low battery, or damage caused by shock or exposure to elements and may need to be repaired.

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