How to Take Care of Your Precious Jewellery

11 February 2021

Fine jewellery pieces can truly complement whatever outfit one may be wearing. What makes them look and feel great is that a lot of them are made from highly valuable materials. Some materials that are often utilised in creating jewellery pieces include silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. Most of these materials are integrated with gemstones, which then amplifies the overall value of jewellery pieces.

While high-quality jewellery pieces utilise durable materials, they must still be maintained properly to prolong their lives. If you currently own numerous beautiful necklaces or bracelets, then you may want to maintain them properly with the help of the following tips.

Keep Jewellery Pieces Separated

Gemstones that are attached to jewellery pieces may have physical properties that are different from others. And once these gemstones interact with each other, you may be surprised on the number of scratches that they may acquire. To avoid causing any scratches, you must store your jewellery pieces separately. Separating your jewellery pieces can also prevent them from causing tangling problems.

Avoid Exposure to Elements

Another great tip on how to maintain your jewellery pieces is to store them appropriately. Jewellery pieces tend to deteriorate in quality once they are exposed to direct sunlight, damp, and extreme temperatures. Storing them on their original packaging can be a great way of protecting them to elements. You can also store them in airtight bags to minimise oxidisation of some materials. The addition of silica gel packs inside their storage boxes can likewise help in eliminating moisture and sulphur.

Wear Jewellery Pieces Carefully

Taking care of your precious jewellery pieces can also be done whenever you are wearing them. To avoid clothes from ruining their quality, you must wear your jewellery at the very end of your preparation. It is also recommended to put them last so that you can prevent any makeup or hairspray from contaminating the jewels. If you are doing manual work, you must remember to remove your jewellery pieces so that they will not be knocked on hard surfaces and avoid chipping.

Clean Jewellery Pieces Regularly

The natural oils from your skin can cause damages to jewellery pieces, especially on their gemstones. Hence, you must clean them properly to remove any oils on their surfaces. Other elements such as dust and water must also be removed so they can avoid discolouration and tarnishing. To effectively clean your jewellery pieces, you must use non-abrasive materials such as soap, water, or a soft toothbrush. For silver jewellery pieces, they can be cleaned with silver-dip type cleaners. Jewellery pieces that are made from gold and platinum, alternatively, can be cleaned with specialist jewellery cleaners.

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