How to Take Care of Your Diamonds

28 May 2014

Your diamonds are not indestructible, but many times people treat them as if they are. Sure, they are among the Earth’s hardest substances. They can take a lot, but a hard enough blow will chip your precious stone. Do not underestimate the need for adequate storage.
It goes without being said that you should never, ever leave your diamonds lying around. They should not be worn on your hands while doing dishes, bathing or washing hands and you absolutely do not want to leave them lying on the sink. After all, the last thing you want is to lose your diamonds to the septic system.

You also want to avoid tossing them in the box with the rest of your jewelry. Put your diamonds way where they will not get scratched or flawed. A fabric lined jewelry case that keeps your diamonds from coming into contact with other pieces is a fantastic option. You may also wrap your diamonds in tissue and use an ordinary box for storage as an alternative. You do not want them tossed in a case or drawer, and they should never end up in the bottom of your purse. Storage is z big deal when it comes to diamond care.

You will want to also keep an eye on your stones. Look for damages or scratches randomly. Pay special attention to prongs, and always schedule an annual inspection with your jeweler. This will be when any needed maintenance or repairs have to be made. It is an investment that will keep your diamonds safe and beautiful for many years to come.

When daily chemicals like those from hairspray or creams and the like cause your diamonds to dull, then you can use a warm water solution to bring back their shine. You can add a few drops pf ammonia to water to soak them in. A soft toothbrush is great for gentle scrubbing, and a soft nonabrasive cloth can be used for drying. Using a window cleaner is an alternative to the ammonia and water solution mentioned above. It is another alternative for brilliantly sparkling diamonds. This should be done twice a week.

What many people do not know is that handling your diamond can change its appearance. This is due to the oils in your hands. That is why handling them sparsely is recommended.

When you are cleaning your diamonds with fragile settings should be very carefully cleaned, and if you choose a toothbrush light hand will also be needed. Some may be more suited to a lint free cloth. If you are using a cleaner then be sure that harsh chemicals are not in the ingredients. Abrasives and chlorine should be avoided, and diamonds should be removed when handling solutions like these.

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