How to Choose Timeless Jewellery Gifts for Her This Holiday Season

01 December 2022

Fashion is frequently all about change, which may be bad for the environment and our finances. Particularly the fast-fashion industry has come under fire for the vast amount of subpar, inexpensive clothing that ends up in landfills. The jewellery industry is also not immune. Jewellery that is inexpensive, fashion-based, and non-precious adds to the tons of garbage that harm the environment yearly. Therefore, even though you may adore your lady love, we urge you to ensure that you’re also being good to the environment when you buy jewellery gifts for her.

Instead of buying trendy jewellery as gifts, choose timeless pieces. In light of that, here are some jewellery gifts that she’ll still adore in the future.

Go All Out with Pearls in Any Form

Finding a gem or jewel more age-old than pearls is challenging for the genuinely timeless. The Abu Dhabi Pearl, about 8000 years old (talk about jewellery gifts that never go out of style!), is the oldest pearl ever discovered in a human settlement. In modern jewellery, you may find pearls in everything from rings to bracelets to earrings. Of course, the traditional pearl string necklace is the most well-known application. Pearls are a terrific option for a timely and timeless gift because they are currently highly fashionable. They are the jewellery of choice for long-term partners because they are also the customary gift on a 30th anniversary.

Elevate it With the Classic Hoop Earrings

Another classic style is the hoops earring. Although hoops are currently popular, the earliest surviving specimens date back to about 2500 BC. So, it’s difficult to say they’re just a fad, like pearls. And part of it is due to their distinctive, useful quality, given by their straightforward, timeless shape. Hoop earrings are excellent for emphasising a person’s features since they focus attention on the face. They are appropriate for every occasion because of their simplistic design. Hoop earrings can still be worn in a variety of ways, despite this. For instance, using larger or more elaborate hoops is a wonderful way to stand out. However, smaller, simpler hoops are a stylish option that will draw attention while highlighting a person’s natural beauty.

Get More Trendy with Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

Another type of jewellery that is currently quite popular is chains. However, they illustrate a piece of jewellery that has been around for centuries, similar to pearls and hoops (probably as long as jewellery has existed). Large, heavy chains have been popular recently, but delicate chains are much more likely to become timeless wardrobe essentials. However, a common method to get the best of both worlds is to overlay several chains in various lengths and designs. It’s not necessary to make a whole jewellery gift box made of chains. A simple gold or silver necklace is a classic gift in and of itself, as are more distinctive chain patterns that are more eye-catching yet classic.

A delicate chain is one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery in any wardrobe. They are always appropriate for work attire and will blend in at most social gatherings. Of course, a delicate chain can also include a pendant; most of the time, a smaller pendant is appropriate.

The more things change, the more they tend to remain the same, which is true even if fashion is all about change. Because of this, the ideal jewellery gifts for women are classic rather than trendy. Visit Ken Ross Jewellers to explore what’s new and to locate the next ideal gift for her this holiday season. Contact us for more enquiries.

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