How to Choose a Trustworthy and Reliable Vintage Watch Repair Shop in Melbourne

06 August 2021

Vintage watch stores and repair shops are quite popular in Melbourne today. Everyone is attracted to wearing a timeless, stunning watch as an item of jewellery. As a symbol of history, vintage watches are the most highly favoured item of all. Of course, shops that repair vintage and preowned watches often sell older watches as well, and some watch merchants also repair vintage watches. 

How to Choose a Trustworthy and Reliable Melbourne Vintage Watch Repair Shop

Tips for selecting a trustworthy and reliable Melbourne vintage watch repair store include the following:

• Contact Repair Shops for All Vintage Watch Brands. Vintage watch repair stores that refurbish many different brands, styles and models of watches are good choices. If they offer full and excellent repair services for many different older watch types, they are most likely skilled and experienced enough to repair any watch make and model. 

• Get Reliable References. If you know one or more individuals who have had vintage and preowned watches repaired by a watch repair shop in Melbourne, get a referral from them. Also find out if they were completely satisfied with the vintage watch repair services that they received from this shop, its owner or staff members. 

• Ask a Respected Watch Merchant to Recommend a Repair Store. By asking a respected watch merchant in Melbourne to recommend a top-calibre local watch repair shop, you can get dependable advice. You can then mention this watch seller when you visit the repair shop and say that the merchant recommended this repair shop’s services when you introduce yourself. 

• Compare Watch Repair Service Prices. Contact several Melbourne vintage watch repair shops and inquire about their repair services and prices. Be aware that the most qualified repairers who offer the most extensive services do not always charge the highest prices. Be sure to compare both services and repair costs for different shops. Determine how much the total repair services for your watch will cost and the extent of the repairs covered by a specific charge. 

• Compare the Shops’ Length of Time in Business. Find out how long each repair shop that you contact in Melbourne has been in business. Then compare the longevity of all of these vintage watch repair companies. You can often check with a local business bureau or vintage watch repair associations to discover the track record for each repair business. 

• Find a Watch Repairer with Interest in Your Watch Brand. After contacting several watch repairers in Melbourne, determine which one displays the most knowledge of and interest in your watch brand and model. This repair service will provide the best quality of trustworthy and reliable repair services for your vintage watch.

By consulting our experts at Ken Ross Jewellers located in Ashburton, Victoria, you will receive superior advice and repair services for your vintage watch. Our experienced professionals will ensure that you benefit from the ultimate quality repair services at very reasonable rates to refurbish and enhance your stunning vintage timepiece. They will return your watch to its original beauty as a handsome or elegant and timeless treasure to be worn and enjoyed for many future years.

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