How Do I Choose the Best Two-Tone Wedding Rings?

08 July 2014

Choosing the right wedding ring is more than simply choosing the most extravagant or the most expensive. While price and aesthetics do play a role in choosing wedding rings, sentiment – that is, the meaning of the object or token itself is paramount. While wedding rings have originally been made from a singular metal, whether silver, gold, platinum, or some other metal. However, single-tone rings have slowly gone out of fashion, except in circles where traditional motifs and aesthetics are still strongly prized.
Nowadays, the most popular types of wedding rings are two-tone rings. These are literally rings that are made from, or that display two distinct colorations, in part due to having been made from two (and sometimes even as much as three to four) different types of metals. Two-tone rings however are nothing new. They’ve been around for quite a long time now, although only recently have they come into vogue. The most common question regarding such accessories is ‘how do I choose the best two-tone wedding rings?’ picking two-tone rings is easy, but here’s a quick guide to help you.


A Quick Guide Picking two-tone weddings rings is relatively easy to do once you figure out how to gauge what ring is best. Four distinct features have to be considered when picking two-tone wedding rings – the metal type/s, the price, the design, and personality of the wearer. With these things in mind, picking rings will be easier.

First, choose the metal. Two tone rings can be made from two, to as much as four different types of metals either welded together, or annealed side-by-side. Some two-tone rings can even have free ‘rolling’ discs of metal alternated with a ‘set’ metal round. Depending on the type of metal you choose, a ring can be relatively affordable to highly expensive. As a general rule of thumb, contrast is the key, with light metals being excellent for secondary tones and darker ones for the primary tone.

There are exceptions to this rule however, as some modern alloys looks quite beautiful with a polished dark tone contrasting dull-dark matte ones. The metal type, as well as the design of the ring itself dictates the end price of your jewellery, with cheaper rings being made of silver and some other semi-precious metal. The more expensive rings being made from gold, platinum, modern jewellery-grade alloys, and even gems. If you want to choose the best two-tone wedding rings, it’s advised to buy something you and your significant other both like, to guarantee a win-win situation. After all, weddings are for life, and wedding rings are something you’d wear for a lifetime.

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