History of Victorinox Watches

12 September 2018

Victorinox Swiss Army Inc. is a world renowned manufacturer of the famous Swiss Army knives that have been popular for years. What some people do not realise is that this company also makes other quality products, including watches. It is the latter that we are here to discuss. These watches contain the same skillful workmanship as the company’s Swiss Army knives and therefore, accurately tell time for years to come while maintaining their ideal condition. To understand the history of the Victorinox watches, you must learn about the origins and the background of the entire company.

1884: Victorinox originated when Karl Elsener opened his knife cutler’s workshop in the city of Ibach-Schwyz in 1884.

1891: Karl went on to establish the Association of Swiss Master Cutlers in 1891. This won him recognition to the point where he was then able to become the first major supplier of soldiers’ knives for the Swiss Army. Later in 1897, the knives that are known as Swiss Army knives are patented.

1909 – 1921: Since Karl’s mother, Victoria, always supported his efforts, he chose her name as the brand name. Also, he registers it along with the trademark symbols of the cross and shield. Then, came the invention of Inox or stainless steel, which was of significant benefit to the cutlery industry. Karl renamed the brand Victorinox as a result. It simply is a combination of his mother’s first name and Inox.

1931 – 1950: During these years, Victorinox went through various transformations, such as the addition of automation, increased popularity of its Swiss Army knives and Carl Elsener III takes over the management of the company.

1989: After further company growth and success, Victorinox introduces its first Swiss Army brand watch to North American consumers along with a U.S. sales partner.

2007: Carl Elsener IV carries on the family tradition and takes over the management of Victorinox and further expands it globally as a multi-product company.

2008: Victorinox’s first European flagship store opens in London, England.

2018: Today, Victorinox offers a wide assortment of quality watches. Styles range from business watches to chronographs. The company strives for relentless accuracy, eye-catching aesthetics and mechanical excellence along with superior Swiss precision with each of these timepieces.

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