Hermle Clocks History and Value: Why Ken Ross Jewellers Can Give the Best Repair Service

20 June 2017

Hermle is one of the most respected German brands of chronometers in the world today. We would not even attempt to estimate how many of these clocks are in operation at present. The company is famous for its reliability, quality products and customer service. Let’s explore how Hermle developed its fine reputation.


In 1922, Franz Hermle & Son first opened its doors in Southern Germany and became the foundation for the company as it is today. The company’s manufacturing facility by 1930 became one of the leaders in the industry in the area by employing cutting-edge technology. Even during wartime, Hermle produced high-quality clocks under its brand while also manufacturing clock parts for other companies.

Over the next 40 years, this company continued to perfect its products’ precision and accuracy. During the 1970s, the company discovered the need for expansion to stay up with the current standards of automation and engineering. At the same time, Hermle started manufacturing quartz clocks to serve the increasing demand for them. Another expansion took place in 1977 when Hermle opened a manufacturing facility in Amherst, Virginia in the United States of America or USA. Time did not stand still from then to now, though, since the company still produces new designs of clocks.


  • The Tellurium/Astrolabium model of clock reproduces the earth’s yearly orbit around the sun once every 24 hours. It also shows the moon’s orbit around the earth that takes 29.5 days and its phases. Hermle’s watchmakers take their craft to a whole new level with this creation.
  • The Blakely in dark oak is a prime example of Hermle’s floor clocks. While it has a movement and other parts that are made in Germany, its wood cabinet is handcrafted in Virginia, USA.
  • The Clearbrook is a stately looking barrister clock that contains inlaid marquetry on its cabinetry. It comes with a quartz dual chime movement that plays Bim Bam and Westminster or an eight-day chiming movement that plays Westminster.


Ken Ross Jewellers not only is a distributor for Hermle, but we also repair new and old clocks. We have the expertise to serve your needs with innovative, durable and attractive fine jewellery, watches and clocks along with maintenance and repairs for the items. Browse through our website to learn additional facts about our offerings or contact us directly with your questions.

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