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04 October 2019

Any avid fan of period movies or horror shows will have seen an example of a grandfather clock at least once or twice in their lives. If you are lucky enough to have lived or stayed in an old house, then you will have seen examples of grandfather clocks. To this day, some hotels and old-style inns will have them on display as part of their centrepiece.

Highly sought-after and sometimes quite pricey, grandfather clocks are the piece de resistance of every horologist’s collection. Unfortunately, a lot of the grandfather clocks available today are not exactly ‘true’ grandfather clocks. You may have chanced upon a lovely example of one in a home depot store or a furniture shop, or maybe even a mall, but chances are these affordable examples are imitations of the real thing.

So, if you’re a serious horologist who would like nothing more than to crown their expansive collection with a grandfather clock, then here are some quick tips you need to know on how to find legitimate ones:

A Quick Guide to Grandfather Clocks for Avid Collectors

Whether you are just learning about grandfather clocks or an experienced collector of timepieces, you will no doubt want an authentic grandfather clock to become part of your collection. It’s no wonder why, since they’re known for their precision, masterful craftsmanship, and timeless appeal. However, finding an authentic grandfather clock can be a difficult undertaking if you don’t know what to look out for.

Here are three hallmarks that can help you to ascertain the authenticity of a grandfather clock:

• Maker’s mark – like fine jewellery, fine timepieces will have a maker’s mark which can help you to ascertain its authenticity. Antique grandfather clocks will boast renowned names like Morbier or Bornholm. These can usually be found engraved on a plaque behind the casement, or on the timepiece itself. Truly prized antiques will even feature the name of the clockmaker who designed it, as well as the company which helped to manufacture it.

• Period accurate material – authentic grandfather clocks will feature only period accurate materials. Compared to modern examples which will be made of wood laminate, old and truly valuable clocks will feature hardwood casings, ornate internal mechanisms made of brass or copper, and absolutely no electronically driven parts.

• Provenance – although rare, especially in flea market and bazaar finds, a clock can sometimes come with provenance. Such examples are worth a literal fortune and are a good investment for a serious aficionado, provided that all the parts are intact and the piece is completely functional.

If you are looking for an excellent resource for grandfather clocks, or are in need of experts to assay, restore or repair your prized collection piece, then visit Ken Ross Jewellers today.

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