Gold Goes Bold: 2016 Jewellery Trend

18 January 2016

Regardless of the market trends and commodity prices, gold jewellery will never go out of style. In truth, this precious metal in today’s fashion world is hotter than ever. Quite frankly the latest style is grand, bold and beautiful. And one of the classiest ways to wear this prized metal is with sculpted cuffs, industrial mod collars and eloquent bib necklaces with matching gold earrings.


As of late, gold jewellery has been hitting the headlines in media and numerous magazines across the world. The tried and true metal jewellery of high fashion is forever changing from delicate ambiance to bravado. However, pure-gold will always be regarded in great esteem and value. It is a metal that will forever remain popular because of its beauty and worth.

In the fashion world, pure-gold is often mixed with other metals and gemstones. Some of the most common metals are sterling silver and copper plus rose and white-gold. Now, the most often used gemstone paired with gold is the diamond. This is a pairing that will never go out of style.


Today’s look is bold and stunning. Plus the fine jewellery is quite adaptable and can be worn with a large variety of fashions including both day and evening wear. In fact, gold jewellery is at the top of current fashion trends. It can be worn as a dramatic statement with unflinching panache. And for a calmer expression, the jewellery is ideal as an accent for the ever increasing look of bright colored attire.


If the new look of bold-gold is not for you or you like a variety, there are other pieces of fine jewellery that are ever present in fashion. Yellow and rose-gold are making a great come back in designer magazines and on the runway. In truth, the beautiful pink hue of metal has quickly become recognized for its beauty and is often seen in bridal jewelry and fashion. The striking pink metal is also mixed with yellow and white-gold for an amazing contrast. And as it happens, the graceful and feminine style of rose has moved the jewellery fashion world in a new direction.

Whether you prefer yellow, rose or white gold, this precious metal will continue to be fashionable, stunning and most valuable. In fact, pure-gold, gold-plated pieces and a combination of metals will forever remain beautiful, stylish and timeless. So don’t hesitate to be bold or subtle with the latest fashion jewellery.

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