Everything you Need to Know about Ring Repair and Resizing

12 October 2020

Most rings that are created today are made from durable and long-lasting metal materials. Additionally, gemstones that are frequently attached to these rings are likewise manufactured out of beautiful natural elements. Combining these elements and creating these fine jewellery pieces take time and effort, which is why all ring specifications and dimensions must be determined accurately.

Situations that Call for Ring Repairs

Rings are truly made from durable materials. However, there are instances where they may obtain damages and issues that would call for ring repairs.

One of the most common ring problems that often calls for repairs is the presence of a broken shank. The shank or band is the part of a ring that encircles the finger. While a ring shank or band is typically made from gold, platinum, and other types of strong metals, there is still a huge chance that this specific part can get damaged over time. You see, ring shank can still take a lot of stress. And if this specific part becomes exposed to pressure, then a fracture may occur after using it for a few weeks or months. 

Another problem that typically haunts ring users or owners is the occurrence of a faulty prong. This particular part of the ring holds and secures the gemstone in place. This part also allows light to strike the gemstone and subsequently increase its brilliance. However, once this specific part gets thinner or breaks off right away, then the risk of losing the gemstone may be significantly high. 

And speaking of gemstones, ring repairs are also requested once rings possess a loose gemstone. Gemstones that tend to become loose or start spinning within its mounting area may signify that the ring has taken a hit from something or has been hit against a hard surface. Similar to faulty prongs, gemstones that are quite loose may get lost when repairs are not done immediately.

Ring Resizing is a Popular Procedure

Ring repairs are mostly done to resolve damages. However, some ring repairs are needed just to meet the needed specifications or dimensions of a ring. One popular procedure in the world of ring repairs is known as ring resizing.

This specific procedure is typically done by a lot of jewellery stores in most types of rings. Basically, it intends to match the preferred size of the buyer or owner. A ring can be resized to a larger size by either adding extra metal to the band or by stretching the whole ring. The latter procedure can be dangerous for rings since it can make them weaker. 

Alternatively, a ring can be resized to a smaller size by cutting a small part of the ring shank and join its two open ends through soldering them. While a ring can be truly smaller with this process, it will eventually leave a weak spot on the ring. Exerting pressure on the soldered part of the ring can slowly wear it until the ring becomes fractured.

Resizing a ring is only possible if the size is intensely close to the desired size. A ring, however, cannot be resized if there will be an increase or decrease of more than one or two sizes.

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